Nathaniel Ratecliff & The Night Sweats- S.O.B.

8/24/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

I honestly thought until about .25 seconds ago that Nathaniel Ratecliff was a suave, African-American fellow who always performed with perfectly-coiffed hair and in an odd-but-somehow-stylish-AF 3-piece suit. Basically I thought Mr. Ratecliff was like James Brown's long-lost son twice removed. False. This is not the case. Instead, when I googled "Nathaniel Ratecliff" I was faced with a man who looks like he could play The Hound's money-obsessed, wine-guzzling cousin in G.o.T. And, although this picture will maybe DEFINITELY haunt my dreams, Nate has dope facial hair in every other picture I can find of him on the internet so he officially has my approval. However, he could have been, like, Ted Bundy reincarnated and we probably still would have approved of this guy just because of this gem of a track. "S.O.B." has got the essence of soul, blues, rock, gospel and folk all wrapped into one undeniably catchy jam*. Let's just say if the New Music Friday playlist on Spotify was actually the menu of a fine-dining establishment, "S.O.B." would be the jambalaya dish that everyone fucking loves. Weird analogy, but true nonetheless.

*Plus it has horns and claps! Two of my top 3 favorite quirky additions to a song! The third in that triumvirate being the steel drum #leduh #theMOSTunderratedofall