Penguin Prison - All Night Long (Lionel Richie cover. fucking duh)

8/12/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

This song was covered by Penguin Prison approximately 400 years ago (2014), but I just found it. And...I had to post about it. Not because I am a Lionel Ritchie fan, but because my psychotic friend is obsessed with "All Night Long." Her obsession began 2 years ago, when this played on repeat at a shitty American tourist restaurant in Dublin. It ended in... her murder. Jk, it ended in me declaring my simultaneous love and hatred for Lionel Riche's most famous tune. On the one hand, how can you not tap your foot? I swear, even Hitler would shimmy to this track. On the other hand, I want to hang myself when I hear it. A real tossup. And the thing is, Penguin Prison's take makes me feel the exact same way. Mainly because this cover sounds the same as the original. Right down to the happy-as-fuck synth keyboards. Chris Glover even possesses the same Rasta vocal delivery here.  Actually though, the cover is a little bit speedier. All Night Long with an adderall bump. I'll take it.

P.s. The coloring book rendering of Mr. Richie is a thing of beauty.