Penthouse Penthouse - '69 Camero (ft. Bobby Saint)

8/27/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Word to the wise: never google "Penthouse Penthouse" Unless that's what you're looking for. I wasn't, and my life is ruined. Only joking guys!! I can totally handle some big breasted ladies. Let's just pray there is never a band called "Double Penetration." Anyways, this song is like the much cooler version of "Night Moves." No lie, I thought Bob Seger was sexy shit until I heard this. Now I am convinced he was in the Mathletes. Let me explain. First of all, Bobby Saint's vocals are smooth as fuck. A real throwback to the true male R&B singers of the 90s. I can't name any, but I know that there were like, a lot of them. Second, the use of '69 as a sexual inneundo is very effective here. 99.9% of the time any mention of 69ing is disgusting and not at all seductive. But the fact that it doubles as the year of make for the Camaro works very well. Although it does make me think, if Bobby Saint picked me up in a car made in 1969 we would probably drive everywhere at 35 mph. Which is not sexy. But also it would probably break down and we would have to pass the time by banging. Mm interesting. Well played Penthouse Penthouse.