Pierre Stemmett- Sleep Anthem

8/30/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

WOW WEEEEEE WOW! By far my favorite find this month. First off, "Sleep Anthem" has the cutest little nugget I've EVER seen in the cover art. If that was you as a child, Pierre, u were freaking adorable and ur shirt was fly AF even in Sepia. Veering to the audio, everything about this hidden gem of a track delights me even more than this gif (a HARD feat, that thing is like the definition of entertainment in my mind). I predict a "Cheerleader"-style trajectory for Pierre Stemmett's up-beat, infectious ditty: aka I will be obsessed with it and get sick of it. Then, 3 months later, it will be fucking EVERYWHERE and frat bros will rage to it on their X-mas vacations in Cabo. "Sleep Anthem" is just such a jubilant song, that it subconsciously make you feel better than you actually are when you listen to it (and we all know frat-boys dig that shit like it's crushed-up adderall). This song transports me to that happy, beach-y place like I'm Kimmi Schmidt tearing up a Nick-Kroll-headed-session SoulCycle:

Honestly, that gif is so spot-on with representing my entire array of feelings towards this amazing, indie jam, that I have nothing more to add. It's happy and tropical. Click play or 4ever be on our shit list. t4L, OUT!