Pure Bathing Culture - Pray For Rain

7/30/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

I feel like we don't feature Portland based artists enough. Probably because we aren't cool enough to, or because the bands there are too hipster to put their music on the Internet.** Well I am glad Pure Bathing Culture did, because "Pray For Rain" rules. Talk about time capsule.^^ I hear this song, and I am immediately transported back to the angsty scenes of a 90s rom-com. I swear this played when Julia Stiles was mad at Heath for 8 minutes in 10 Things. It's melancholy, a little grungy, and still maintains great pop hooks. The girl has a beautiful emotive voice. (That's fancy code for: I want to cry a million tears when I hear it). Plus, there are real instruments, something we do not often feature on this blog. My only complaint: the lyrics are a little David Copperfield. "Are you cut in two ? / Cut all the way through." Obviously this is a metaphor of some kind, but my mind cannot help but picture some deranged scene from Water For Elephants. 

**do we capitalize internet? Someone help me.

^^The dream of the 90s is aliveeeeeee