RAC - Falling Hard (ft. Madi Diaz)

8/02/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

IM FALLING HARD FOR THAT PIC. And I hate cats. Also falling hard for this song. It's like cotton-candy Phantogram. I know we talk about everything in hyperbolic terms (in this post-Buzzfeed world, how else am I supposed to write?!), but I am reallllly obsessed with this. First of all, I think this is very out of the box for RAC. I would not guess this was him, and that dude has one of the most distinct sounds in indie music. Sometimes in a bad way. So bravo sir. I love that it's in a minor key. There is something slightly unsettling about it, which makes me want to listen to it again and again. Secondly, Madi Diaz. "Chase Us Around," her excellent collab with Viceroy, taught me there was music beyond Pitbull and Jason de Rulo. For real, I used to listen to Top 40 when I was like, chilling in my bed. Time and a place, you know? There's no place for Flo Rida when you're lying horizontal. Neither in online shopping or, GOD FORBID, a sexual setting. If you are trying to listen to Apple Bottom Jeans and hook up, I want to run far away from you. Long story short, Madi Diaz's mere presence on "Falling Hard" is a game-changer. Please make an entire album together.