*RELEASE* Catey Shaw- Walks All Over You

8/13/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Me being a product of prep school, it's my absolute favorite pastime to bitch about my fellow female (Sry for setting your movement back like a century, Susan B., but if you walked past a girl wearing Crocs I bet you would automatically judge her as well.) I'm not proud of this nasty personality trait, but I'm also not proud of my knee-jerk reaction in like 95% of my social encounters so I have bigger fish to fry than innately being a "C U Next Tuesday" to a girl whose wardrobe consists of only body-con dresses*.

Ultimately, though, my affinity for cattiness is why Catey's newest single is basically my ideal pop song. It's just an upbeat, saccadic jam warning this boy about the bat-shit-crazy bitch he has chosen to hook up with. Like I feel like Cruel Intentions would have ended a lot differently if Ryan Philippe's character had been able to hear this song and its message. He would have known much earlier to cut the cord with Buffy the Vampire Slayer Kathryn. (...although the coke-necklace and the fact that she was HIS FUCKING STEP-SISTER probably should have served as warning signs as well...) The lyrics aren't the only thing elevating "Walks All Over You" above most of the other pop songs churned out today. The production choices are all purrrrrrfection as well. Those punchy, 80's-style drums! The infectious piano chords! The brassy, sassy horns! And, last but not least, that twinkling synth! It's so warm and shimmery that it sounds like a shooting star which seems like the most retarded statement but, yet, u also 100% agree with me so it's accurate nonetheless. Honestly, I could rave all day about this track but the leeeeetle boy from Broad City sums my feelings up best:

So go buy "Walks All Over" on iTunes now or A POX ON ALLLLL UR HOUSES! ...nahh, not really. I mostly just like to use the term "a pox" whenever I get the opportunity but if you don't at least give the track a <3 on HypeM I will cast some sort of curse on you. And seeing as we gingers are supposedly aligned with Satan (eVr hEarD of hIM?!?!), u REEALLY don't want my ginger-voodoo fucking with ur life.

* Because, let's face it, we all know someone who loves body-con dresses even more than they love themselves and we all secretly h8 that person whether or not we admit that fact to ourselves.