RHODES + Birdy - Let It All Go

8/14/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

When I saw the 2 names attached to this, I assumed the amount of emotional cutting would be too much to handle. When I listen to Birdy and Rhodes SEPARATELY I feel like I just watched my dog get run over. Definitely in a good way. But I feel drained nonetheless. This was a pleasant surprise though. Instead of beating  us over the head with Christina Perri-like melodrama, Birdy and Rhodes are pretty scaled back here. Their voices mesh well together. It's like Sonny and Cher, except instead of singing upbeat songs about free love, they sing about...therapy? I don't really know what's happening in this song, but it sounds cathartic. Definitely needs to soundtrack a movie about individuals working through white people problems. You know, like finding yourself through nature. Or some shit like that. Also this is random, but if I see one more blog mentioning these two are "singer/songwriters," I'm going to be...angrier than my normal amount. HELLO WORLD, everyone is a singer/songwriter!! Sammy Adams: singer/songwriter. Dolly Parton: singer/songwriter. Cobra Starship: singer/songwriters. Except Britney. She's a backup dancer who got lucky. T4L out.