RKCB - Ignite

7/29/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

More sad music. Isn't that all you want to listen to on Saturdays?!** To be fair, I fell in love with this one on Monday. I was still filled with regret from losing one shoe (and my dignity) at the club. I heard this, and immediately felt that RKCB understood my pain. Take, for example, these musings: "I wish that I was sober / Don't tell me that it's over / I wish I didn't want you so bad." I'm not trying to be dramatic^^, but these lyrics are very applicable to the loss of my Steve Madden shoe @2am. And the thing is, if I had lost the pair, it would have been much easier to accept. Also a lot less embarrassing. Can you think of anything sadder than a girl walking around with no shoes? Answer: the girl walking around with 1 shoe. But enough of my narcissistic rambling (do people start blogs for any other reason?), I love this track. This is what Sam Smith would sound like if I didn't hate him. What a beautiful voice. RKCB, my only request is that moving forward, you do something wacky with your image to distinguish yourself. Because 4 capital letters for a stage name is b-o-r-i-n-g. Most people probably think you are MKTO. And I don't think you want their fans.

***I know it's Tuesday, but I wrote this on Saturday, and my dumb anecdote took up too many lines for me to throw out. IM SORRYYYY.

^^because non-dramatic people definitely begin all sentences that way