SAFIA- Embracing Me

7/31/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

YAAAAASS SAFIA has returned! Okay, maybe the most trendy term of endearment out there may be a little much for this announcement. Like how many of you even know SAFIA and how many of you thought SAFIA was some sort of disease from Southeast Asia? Balderston is a stage 4 hypochondriac so talking about medical ailments isn't out of t4L's wheelhouse*, yah know?

 i LOVE the lyrics of this song. It's the most conceited, vain thing to have come out since R. Kelly released "The World's Greatest" in 2002. "You don't know all the things that could set you free... Like embracing me". That's being like "you know whose perfect and beautiful and charming and in one?! MEEEEE!!!!" I just love love love the egotistical nature of the song. Also, classic, cynical Northeastern right here. It's obviously meant to be a love song about like being able to express ur true self with your one true soulmate blah blah blah and I harp on the fact that the lyrics sound like the douchiest pick-up line of all time. I dare the boys of the world to try reciting the choral part of this to the most depressed-looking girl at the bar. Just be like "you look super upset and trapped in your life. Do you wanna feel even MORE trapped as I engulf you in an axe-body-filled embrace?" Pretty sure that tactic has the exact OPPOSITE success rate as the Bend And Snap. Maybe even lower, honestly. But SAFIA's Hozier-meets-James-Blunt vocals and the warm, ambient synth accompanying them definitely pulls the whole track together and makes it the perfect jam either for a budding-relationship playlist OR as a heartbreak anthem  (v. few song are that versatile, so job well done, SAFIA!)

*WTF is a wheelhouse anyway? And for that matter, what is a showboat? People are always saying to me "don't be a showboat" (cause I'm a white girl so I like to do the not-so-subtle backhanded-brag) and what IS that even? I imagine like a fancy-ass, anthropomorphic sailboat that harbors an affinity for cabaret and is decked out in twinkling lights and an off-kilter pillbox hat.