Sol- Ain't Gon' Stop

8/11/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

This song has vibes for dayyyyyys. Now, if I was guessing the identity of of Sol based on this picture alone, I would say he is some group of siblings. Possibly the love children of Gary Coleman's character from Different Strokes and Daft Punk. Like some way, way, wayyyyyy off-brand, techie-age Jackson 5. But, like most people on the internet, this picture associated with Sol does not accurately depict his appearance. He is some dude from Seattle.  But honestly, he could be a Kardashian and we would still love him because of the good vibes oozing from his newest track, "Ain't Gon' Stop". Hands down my favorite part of this song is when he rhymes "holy water" to "marijuana". And it's made only better by the fact that the line is "At the bar drinking holy water". I just imagine like Mother Teresa, Jesus and Sol going shot 4 shot at a dive bar (The Blessed Mother, of course, beasts the competition.) Also, who doesn't love some brassy horns added into their inspirational rap song?? Helloooooooo? Kanye's "Golddigger"? Kendrick's "Rigamortus"? Rizzle Kicks' "Down With the Trumpets"? They all would sound worse than Fran Drescher getting a Brazilian without the groovy, blaring horns (not true, but the brass does make me feel like I'm perpetually the queen of a Mardi Gras float and that's a fun alter-ego to embody. So BRING ON THE TRUMPETS, RAPPING PPL! Also, TG I didn't typo there and miss a crucial 'p'. They say no publicity is bad publicity but I'm gonna go ahead and label "being known for showing support for rapists" as bad press.)