Steven A. Clark- Can't Have

8/20/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Idk what I am more jealous of. Steven A. Clark's velvety vocals or his killer hat collection. I haven't seen such a solid array of stylish headpieces since Gossip Girl Season 4. Also, pretty sure we're the first fans to make a "Steven A. Clark Cranial Fashion" collage but we like to keep it OG here at t4L. (And it doesn't get more "original gangster" than a photo collage, amiright???) "Can't Have" comes from the Miami native's debut album "The Lonely Roller" which drops in a month. However, although I am uber excited for this release, I'm a little confused at the title of his album: does Steven A. Clark feel particularly isolated whilst rolling joints? Is he looking for a buddy to blaze with? If so, where's the app, I'll apply RN! Although my joint-rolling abilities maybe sub-par, my joint-smoking abilities are off the fucking charts.

The lingering guitar, the symphonic strings, and Clark's top-notch vocals all combine to form the perfect late-summer jam to groove to. And I just love love LOVE the bouncy up-beat accompaniment. The whole track kind of has a Darwin Deez style to its production. That's a compliment I swear! Although, physically, Darwin Deez looks like the love child of David Hyde Pierce and the pierced-tongue brother in Rat Race (David Hyde Pierced-Tongue, if you will), musically, his quirky production always lifts my mood like an auditory amphetamine. And that's what "Can't Have" does as well! Also where da fuq is Darwin Deez nowadays??? I imagine he's probably like teaching himself to play the synthesizer with his feet. Or just like doing hallucinogens all day, erryday. Or, most likely, he engages in the latter which puts him in the proper headspace to attempt the former. Odd guy, gr8 jams. Blergh. Sry that half ur post was about hipster-Jon-Snow, Mr. Clark, but, long story short, your music (+ hat collection) rocks. September 18th cannot come fast enough.