The Internet - Girl (ft. KAYTRANADA)

8/05/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Guys, that pic is what comes up when you Google Image "the internet." I can I even comment on this? I'm not going to, but I wanted everyone to know about it. You're welcome. Regarding this song, I am sorry that I ignored it for so long. I kept trying to convince myself it was boring and devoid of structure, but in reality it is low-key brilliant. Kind of like how I feel about the movie Office Space. It seems stupid, but when it's 11 years later and you still find yourself muttering "I believe you have my stapler," it's time to admit your passion for it. Yeah, just like that. The beat on  this is very addictive. An ominous trumpet!? What more could you ask for. Although, I shudder when I think of all the freaky sex that's going on with this playing in the background. A real slow jam. The music video is also as weird as you would expect an Odd Future production to be. The first half looks like the Itunes synthesizer***, the second half looks like a deranged Sound of Music recreation. Like, bordering-on-Teletubbies deranged. The Hills really are alive Maria.

***do people know about the Itunes synthesizer?  Perhaps only the young and the stoned do. Which could also be the title of potentially the worst soap opera ever. Fat people watching TV. #ratingsgold