Will Joseph Cook - Hearse

8/26/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

A love letter to Will Joseph Cook --

William. Where do I begin? Your music is like the boy next door, in that I didn't realize what was right in front of me for so long. I hearted "Streets of Paris" and "Beach" on Hype Machine, but chose to blog EDM Avril Lavigne covers instead.^^^ With newest release "Hearse," I can no longer ignore how good your material is. The "tringle"*** of soulful tunes you have brought into the world brings me joy. Your voice is spun of gold, melancholy, and good beer. Speaking of joy (my transitions are amazing rite), there doesn't seem to be any in "Hearse." I mean, things didn't seem so great from the title, but the lyrics suggest some shit that makes Terms of Endearment look like Superbad. What I'm trying to say is it sounds like Will broke up with his GF at her relative's funeral. I could be wrong? I usually am. But let us ponder these lyrics: "I booked the hearse ....it's probably not what you wanted / not what you needed / But baby I'm leaving" Unless your girlfriend was Casey Anthony, I'm not sure if that's okay. But honestly, even if you did that Will, I don't really care. Because your music is amazing, and makes me sad in a good way. Keep that shit up.

xoxoxox, Tunes 4 Loons

^^^actually I never got around to that one either. I'm very lazy.

**how Jojo referred to the three songs she just released. Since she's the only "artist" we've ever interviewed for this blog I feel like we need to adopt her vernacular.