Zak Abel - Say Sumthing

8/30/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Oh yeahhhh. Everything about this kid screams British. I'm so confident that I'm not even looking it up*** I want to say his vocals are slightly Sam Smith-like, but that's a lazy comparison. Maybe a little John Legend? What I'm trying to say is: nice vocal range. Rich tone. The drums are gloriously 80s. In as inoffensive way as possible, (which means I'm about to say something offensive, I urge you to walk away if you aren't fun at parties) I thought this kid was black. Turns out, he is Addams Family white. I guess situations like this are how the Voice was born. Susan Boyle also probably contributed to the Voice. Okay officially getting off track, so we're going to bring it back to Zak (rhyming is one of my many talents). "Say Sumthing" is a perfect radio friendly banger for the U.K. Big chorus, big vocals, big emotion. I sense a hit. Not in the U.S though, because here in America, we only want to hear something on the radio if it's remixed to the high heavens. It must also include bleeped lyrics about bitches and fucking. Or be by Justin Bieber. We're very cultured.

***I know this is super unprofesh. Imagine if you did that at any job. "Scalpel nurse! I feel great about performing this c-section, who needs instructions or medical school!?" But this is an amateur music blog, where the worst that can happen if you fuck up is be emotionally beaten on Twitter. Or worse, no one could read it. If a tree that is factually incorrect falls in the Internet, does it make a sound?