t4L in a Nutshell- September 2015

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Cause we can't blog every amazzzing track that crosses our path. 
We have lives Survivor audition tapes to make, yah know?? 
But all these are a jam & a half, y'allll so check them out or 4ever be on our shit list.

Kyle La Grange- So Sweet

CHVRCHES- What Do You Mean (Justin Bieber Cover)
Watch the performance on Youtube b/c CHVRCHES is too cool legit an act for SoundCloud.

Darwin Deez- Right When It Rains
Even though Mr. Deez looks like the love child of the brother with the pierced-tongue from "Rat Race" and David Hyde Pierce, his voice is dreamy AF.

Kiesza- Give It To The Moment (Djemba Djemba)
F that. Kiesza is a no-show on SoundCloud too. Away to Youtube you go, once again. Can't a bitch listen to music fo' free anymoreeeee?

Adventure Club- Limitless (ft. Delaney Jane)

Caius - Make U Mine

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Poor Caius. How was the young Swede to know his DJ name was the same as a rando vampire in Twilight? It's not your fault sir. I didn't know this either until I googled your name and was confronted by hundreds of images of what I can only describe as the love child of Taylor Swift and Dracula.

You're welcome. Moving on to the more important Caius, let us discuss "Make U Mine," a prime slice of chipmunk electronic. No lie, there is no sweeter pairing in the universe than 90s girl-R&B (Ashanti's "Feel So Good" is sampled) & chilled out electro. It's like the Anna Faris and Chris Pratt of musical unions. I saw the words "Swedish producer" and "Ashanti" and practically started foaming at the mouth. Additionally, I just want to point out how mellow and calm "Make U Mine" is. This makes the Majestic Casual playlist seem like frat boy rage music. I wish this song embodied my personality. Instead, my sonic doppelganger is Crazy by Gnarls Barkley. Ughhh. Rock on Caius.

Tinashe- I Wanna Get Better (Bleachers Collab.)

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I'VE HAD THIS ON REPEAT ALLLLL WEEKEND. At pregames, late night, shower time, while cooking, okayyyy, ordering seamless (I'm not that resourceful). You name it. My friends and roomies hate me but my ears love meeeee mucho. As if we didn't already fall completely in love with the Bleachers original, Tinashe now puts an infectious, futuristic-garage-pop* spin on the track that grows more fucking amazing with every 8-count that passes. A surprising take on the track considering all of Tinashe's other stuff has a more R&B vibe. But Tinashe, homegirl, get some record label intern or entourage member to add some more info and pinache to your Wiki page. RN all I know about your personal life is that

1. you were bullied in childhood (vague AF)
2. you lived with ur parents at some point in your life (vaguer-er AF)
3. you lived in a 1 bedroom studio at some point in your life (okay, less vague than the last two, but still VAGUEEEE)
4. you have a black belt in Taekwondo 

Like, that last one's actually cool as shit, but the others differentiate you from no one. If that's the backstory it takes to have a Wiki page then I'm only a black belt away!! Brb, gotta go find Mr. Myagi. 

*yes, I just made that genre up. But isn't it also kinda what music needs more of??? #weirdbuttrue

*RELEASE* Micky Blue - Wild Things

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That picture seems very fitting for a review of this track, because Micky looks pretty and also kind of crazy. That's the look I give people after I do 7 shots and they ask me if I'm okay. My demure smile says "yes bitch. I could do your taxes right now" but my eyes say "I'm in a blackout, leave a message." And if I am interpreting correctly, that's pretty much what this song is about. Aka trying to trick people into thinking you have your shit together when in reality you woke up with your hand in a bowl of salsa. Take for example, the following lyrics, "And I never want you to see / all my razor teeth / And I never want you to know / The monster inside of me" Spoiler alert: this pretty much never works. Boys can smell crazy FYI. I do want to point out some of the mechanics that make this song amazing. 1. the #slowbuild. Songs feel a lot more rewarding when one is present. Chris Brown's "X." LCD Soundsystem "Dance Yourself Clean." Fucking Bohemian Rhapsody.  The slow build is very under-appreciated in music. 2. Micky has a beautiful expressive voice. 3. some fucked up lyrics. "Wild Things" is bringing the Tim Burton vibes, and we're digging. More plz!!

Death In The Afternoon - We Don't Have To Go Out Tonight

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Death In The Afternoon, are you the hipster Addams Family? Wednesday rocks the keyboards (which makes perfect sense, Wednesday is too cool to do anything besides stand in the back and act disinterested****), Cousin It plays the ...well he must do something. And that's where my analogy ends, because I've never seen the Addams family and I don't know any other characters. But those other two dudes could definitely be members. Moving on, "We Don't Have To Go Out Tonight" is a fine piece of "chill hang" electro. Another (dumber, less interesting) blog described their sound as yacht rock. Which makes sense, but can I ask 1 question. Why is everything that sounds 80s labeled "yacht"? Am I missing something? I get that Miami Vice aired in the 80s and that featured tropical scenery, perhaps including yachts, but guys, no one except the Wolf of Wall Street lived aboard a fancy schooner during the Reagan years. Your parents didn't. Your grandma didn't. And babies born from 80-89 didn't come into the world on the set of a Rick Ross music video. So like...smh at the phrase "yacht rock." Sorry DITA, I mostly ranted and didn't talk about you, but we love this song!!

***this is not a knock on keyboard players, this is what I have observed at concerts. Literally every person playing keys seems bored AF, and I can't blame them. There's a reason guitars get smashed instead of keyboards. Reason: they are cooler.

Skylar Spence - I Can't Be Your Superman

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It took me 1.5 hours to write this post because I got lost in the black hole of Skylar Spence's twitter. Yes, this man can sing, and we will talk about that. But he's also fucking very funny. My top 4 picks are at the bottom. If you are too lazy to look at those, take away this: He repeatedly tweets Sam Smith lyrics with cry face emogis. Will you date me? Unless your devotion to "Stay With Me" is truly genuine, in which case, get away from me. Anywayss, "I Can't Be Your Superman" is a delightful piece of electro-funk. Skylar was probably inspired by some crackhead mess he dated, but to me, this song is like Caitlin Jenner's anthem to the Kardashian clan. Caitlin doesn't have time to polish your selfie sticks Kylie!! She's out prowling for her own Superman!! I also appreciate the use of guitar on this track. It makes me feel bad-ass, and also like I have taste for music outside dumb girl pop. (I mostly don't. Who are the Beatles?)

SKYLAR SPENCE'S AMAZING TWEETS (disclaimer: I selected these while I was high)

"another day you woke up and, surprise! you're not a professional ice skater and you never won any gold medals."

"When you think you're the 1st Panic at the Disco album but you're really the 2nd"

"Jessie J follows Justin Timberlake but he doesn't follow her back"

"I made a website where I review your facebook statuses. They're all pretty bad so I gave them bad scores"

Sia- Alive

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I simultaneous love and HATE that Adele rejected this track for her upcoming album. On the one hand it means that, one, Sia gets to show off her underrated pipes and, two, that every track on "25" is better than this (which mean the agonizing 4-year long wait for England's rightful KWEEN will be fucking worth it). But, on the other hand, I have more adoration for Adele that I probably will for my first-born child and I would love LoVe LOVE to hear her front this. But the up-lifting, powerhouse drums, hint of sentimental strings, and commanding lyrics all come together in a great pop tune, so who da fuq cares who the lead is anyways?? Although, thank GAWWD Rihanna passed on this too. I would rather see Sia experiment with her vocal-prowess on this track than have the song in Rihanna possession. Homegirl would probably get too stoned and forget it even exists.

P.S. I also lol'd SO hard to the YouTube comments to this video. Truly half the internet thinks the Cruella de Vil character in the album art was Jimmy Fallon. Honestly, would put it past him. But also that would truly be the weirdest and most random thing to happen since Anne Hathaway took over the E! Online instagram (oh, p.p.s.: the comments on this are also fucking hilarious).

DAGNY- Backbeat

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I think I actually might be adopted. Like a mail-order baby from Sweden* or something. Not only do I have fiery, frizzy hair reminiscent of a viking caught in a hurricane, but my affinity for Scandinavian music is absolutely unparalleled. Unfortunately I received neither the amazing bone structure nor the killer vocals that most Nordic ppl inherit (thx a lot, trendy Norwegian birth-parents -__-).

DAGNY, however, is blessed with said vocals (& bone structure #envious), and she shows her pop-star prowess with the release of the lively "Backbeat". The punchy drums and faded electric guitar blend perfectly together and the underlying ballad-style piano slabs round the whole tune out. But WARNING, loons!! Do NOT search the term "DAGNY" on Google Images. That's the first row of results, below, and each one of those photos will haunt my nightmares tonight. Especially that fucking she-devil holding the oboe and glaring into my soul!! Hands down the worst one, even though the chick on the far right straight up has her tits cut off.

*Do they make those???? Cause, if so, brb, going to buy four leetle Nordic babies & create an ABBA cover band like I've always dreamed!!

The Knocks (& Matthew Koma)- I Wish (My Taylor Swift)

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YAAAASSS! i LOVE songs like these!! I'm a sucker for an irrational optimist expressing their dreams of grandeur (aka music). The whole tune reminds me of 2014's "Kanye". And just like I imagine Jay-Z in the bathtub sobbing the words to The Chainsmokers' banger, I can most definitely see Harry Styles nomming on some Chunky Monkey in the fetal position and wailing the Knock's most recent release: reminiscing about the enduring love (and endless business opportunities) he had when he was with Queen Tay. If he had stuck with her, maybe she could have talked Zayn into staying with 1D ; (

Back to the jam at hand, I'm really digging the juxtaposition of the laid-back guitar in the verse and the chorus' staccatic synth. The whole track only proves that "The Knocks" are above most of those other NYC electronic duos out there today (a hard feat when there are enough NYC-based musicians out there RN to form their own fully-functioning sovereign state). From the release of their infectious tune, "Classic," to pulling Catey Shaw* on stage with them at the SoundCloud event last Thursday, these boys are definitely making all the right choices for their budding careers. Honestly, I could have used their precise decision-making skills back in college. Then maybe I would have graduated with more than just useless degree in "Classical Languages" and an acute drinking problem -___-.

*yes that is a plug for the only artist I know personally. Life's about nepotism, ppl #dealwithit. I mean, without it I'm pretty sure Kate Hudson's acting career would be non-existent and where would we be with out cinematic masterpieces like "Almost Famous" and "How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days"!?! <--- if you think I was being ironic there, you are sadly mistaken. I still run around the streets of NYC screaming "Ladies of New York! Frrrrrost Yourselves" every time I'm hammered #srynotsry.

Lost Kings- Bad (ft. Jessame)

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WoOoOaAaHhh. I didn't think there could be a track entitled "Bad" that was as groovy and funky-FABULOUS as the MJ original, but the Lost Kings come close with this!! It makes me want to flail around on that humongous AF floor-piano from "Big". Everything here works from the vintage guitar licks to the blaring horns and idk who da fuq this Jessame person is but after hearing this I want to have his babies. His vocals are as swoon-worthy as Cillian Murphy is in "Peaky Blinders" (if u watch it and have a sex drive, u know there is no higher compliment I can bestow than this). All around A+ first tune from these boys. Sure the phrase "Lost Kings" makes me think of frankincense and myrrh but it's better than what the cover art makes me reminisce about. When I think of a "female Batman figure" my only pop culture reference point is Anne Hathaway as Cat Woman in The Dark Knight and HOW DARE ANYONE MAKE ME THINK OF HER!!! She's the fucking worst. Just completely uncharming and awkward since 2008.

Black Honey- Corrine

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Ooooo, I didn't know 50's-style rock and 90's-grunge could mesh so well together, but Black Honey pulls it off!! Izzy Phillips' sacchrine voice fronts the track and is layered with some classic-rock-sounding distortion that is very reminiscent our favorite Washington, D.C. warbler, Misun Wojcik. Considering we idolize Misun more than the Jews walking from Egypt idolized that golden heifer**, I think it goes without saying that we dig Phillips' gritty vintage vocals. Muy bueno, chica.

The whole enchanting track sounds like it is being played through a mid-20th-century gramaphone and the chorus so pure and melodic. It makes me so happy that I want to do acid but only for the duration of this song. I feel like it would be an amazing trip and I would hallucinate something joyous like that I was like swimming in a pool of liquified gold or a Shake Shack without a line.

**Mo' def the first Biblical reference on t4L. Aaaaand probably our last  -__-  #sryGod

TĀLĀ & Mssingno (ft. WA$$UP) - Tell Me

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TALAAAA. Do you have a bonsai sized cheetah on your lap in that pic? Because that's what it looks like. And if seeing is believing...I want to know where to acquire one. My guess would be Ebay. Anyways, we're here to talk about this song, not your bad-ass miniature pet. "Tell Me" is such a winner. That's not to say it doesn't have a few things working against it. All the names in that title are a real mind-fuck. Like, when I read it I thought I might be having a stroke. But then I pressed play and my world was brighter. When I hear it I feel like I am underwater. There seem to be Mulan-type gongs in the background. And to top it off, there are some spliced up synths that are giving me straight Justin Timberlake/Timberland vibes. If that sounds like a cluster-fuck, you're right. But it's a beautiful hot mess. Also shoutout to WA$$UP, the Korean girl group present on this track. I was convinced based off the dollar signs that you were a member of the A$AP clan. That is basically the equivalent of thinking that Mike Tyson is Michelle Kwan. So yeah, a real plot twist.

Two Friends & INTSTRUM- Trap King (Fetty Wap feat. Adriana Gomez)

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Fucking DUH I'm posting this!! Trap Queen is like the 3rd most-addicting meth-related craze EVER, trailing right behind "Breaking Bad" and, well, meth. Two Friends and INSTRUM production styles fuse together seamlessly under Adriana Gomez's sultry cover of the Fetty Wap infectious original jam. Also, lollllll, Google definitely thought I was a retarded bigot when I searched the phrase "Adriana Gomez". First off it makes it seem that I'm too much of a racist to recognize that the two Latina-popstars, Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez, are different fucking people. Oh, AND, two, it seems as though I'm too much of a retard to know that it's "Ariana" not "Adriana". Unfortunately, there probably is some obese, camo-clad dad in Arkansas who has looked up the term "Adriana Gomez Hips Don't Lie stream online" before*.

My one complaint with this whole track is that the "Trap King"'s album art literally looks like Viceroy vomited onto a canvas. Since when did all cover art become neon colors and palm trees instead of, idk, like actual photos of the artist?!? How am I supposed to judge u fully if I can't even see what you look like??? But, the George-Byrne-on-Molly cover art aside, the warm, tropical synth and soulful saxophone in the track has me grooving like Kenny G before the hip replacement surgery. And I really support the feminist stance this song is taking. It is widely-speculated that in the original version, Fetty Wap takes the roll of the drug-kingpin with his "Trap Queen" supporting his work and looking hot in her NBA jersey and apple bottom jeans (or wutever Trap Queens wear). But LADIES! This isn't 1940 anymore! We don't need a man to make our crystal meth and crackcoccaine**! We are strong, independent females and we are capable of building a drug empire by ourselves, with our Trap Kings merely lying around while we conduct our important biz. Women's equality shouldn't just be something we strive for in the legal sector of business. Feminism iz 4 everyone so I say more woman drug-lords and pimps PRONTO, whose with me?!

*Or maybe this scenario is not so unfortunate after all. The idea of a middle-aged hick looking up Hips Don't Lie to jam out to between White Supremacy meetings is pretty funny.

**said like Schmidt in New Girl #leDUH

SKIES - Too Young

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Sorry to SKIES for not including a pic of their cute indie faces, but I was digging the Van Gogh vibes too much. Seriously, you guys could look like the hipster Hemsworth brothers and I would still choose the Starry Night recreation. Because it's beautiful!! But mostly because it reminds me of the time I went to Amsterdam; where I walked through the Van Gogh museum and also thought a parking meter was an ATM. This tbt of idiocy still makes me laugh and feel better on this terrible Monday. Although this song is a little sad, so it feels appropriate for the first day of the week. The vocal delivery is semi-mumbled so I cannot be sure, but it sounds like the lead singer is trying to save someone from drowning. Perhaps he was a lifeguard on the Aussie beaches as a teenager? Consider the lyrics: "I wanna fill your lungs / and breathe the life back into you / You're far too young" SHARK ATTACK I KNEW IT. Ugh I'm sorry. This direction is so stupid. Joke joke blah blah. I'm overcompensating because this song makes me feel emotions I'm not comfortable having! I love that at the end of the "fill your lungsss" phrase they push the note up. It makes the song better I think. Keep doing you boys, even if this isn't about a shark attack.

LIVE! Review: Vacationer & Great Good Fine Ok (MHOW 9/17/15)

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********** GREAT GOOD FINE OK **********

so so SO impressed with the these boys. TBH, we entered their set the tiniest bit late, but we have a legit excuse, I swear! The hipster, BK bar we grabbed drinks at beforehand started projecting a 1980 movie onto their cliche faded-brick walls called "Can't Stop the Music" (told u it was hipster). This is a "film" which  Wikipedia categorizes as a "pseudo-biography*  of disco's Village People" and which the New York Times describes as "[a] movie without any real plot or momentum". And the lead character of the film bore an uncanny resemblance to Caitlyn Jenner. Obviously we had to research this in depth and after abusing our parent's data plan for 25 minutes, we can confirm that the biggest role model of 2015 once fronted a film that received an 8% on Rotten Tomatoes (ironically the same score as what I received on my final Introduction the Microeconomics exam**). So we were late, but we now know much more about 1980's pop-culture, so #worthit.

Entering MHOW mid-GGFO-set, my first reaction was that my hearing would be nonexistent by the end of the show (So. Much. Bass.). And my second reaction was that frontman, Jon Sandler, had personal style 4 days, y'allllll! He had the haircut of Todd from Wedding Crashers but completely pulled off the look. Also he was rocking (pun intended) a knee-length, emerald, sequin jacket (He honestly would have fit into "Can't Stop the Music" purrrrfectly). If I must describe Sandler's fashion in one sentence, I would say he looked like a leprechaun who has left his clan to become a prolific fashion designer (#inagoodway). Like John Galliano meets the Celtics mascot.

*how historically inaccurate a movie needs to be to be "pseudo-biographic" I need to know pronto.

**To be fair, I only answered 26% of the questions, so an 8% isn't half bad is still abysmal #sryMom

Every track GGFO played was just fun and infectious from their first warm synth hit to their last groovy number. I'm actually, 5 days later, still in awe of how Sandler managed to sing the entire set in a flawless falsetto. I can only assume his leprechaun magic helped him to accomplish such an incredible feat. Sandler would hands down be the most desired eunuch in the land if this were 1520 (and if he had no cajones #duh). The only thing that distracted me from Sandler's heavenly, crystalline vocals was the keyboardist, who was playing the synth with what looked like little, green lightsabers.  Maybe it was the vape pen I hit beforehand, but these were the highlight of the show for me (again, pun intended). Of course, the only reason he probably even plays with those is to cater to simple-minded stoners like myself, so thank you for ur consideration, GGFO. If you continue to use those lightsabers in your shows, I will continue to get high and go to them! Sound like a deal??

I was intially disappointed when the keyboardist put down these synth-sabers for a keytar, but never have I ever rocked out that hard to a keytar solo. I don't even care how incredibly nerdy that last sentence sounded, the keytar was a fucking awesome addition. The set lulled a little bit when they brought one guy out (from his parent's basement, I assumed. based on his outfit) to shoot one t-shirt cannon once. Watching one frumpy guy shoot one t-shirt cannon into a crowd of hundreds is, honestly, more anti-climatic than the big confrontational scene in "Can't Stop the Music". But GGFO captured their audience once again with their final two songs which were pure indie-synth-pop PERFECTION. And at the end of the whole set, Sandler, being the superb showman he is, attempted a riveting rocker-jump off the drumkit. So not only did he have enough leprechaun magic to sing in a flawless falsetto the entire time, but he had some left over to gracefully land his show-stopping (literally) move. Lessons I learned from the set: GGFO could and should headline their own show and if you're gonna employ t-shirt cannons, quantity IS better than quality.

********** VACATIONER **********

I loved everything about the effortless vibes than oozed from Vacationer's set. First off, their stage decorations consisted of only a light-up globe and an embroidered, thrift-shop rug. Remove the stench of weed in the air and add 100 items from the dollar store and I could have mistaken my location for my grandmother's basement. But I dug the minimal decor. Feng shui on fleek, as the ancient Chinese would say.

Visually, the lead singer looked like the love-child of Blake from Workaholics and Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. Although if I were judging on his dance moves alone, I would say he was the love-child of Snoopy from the Peanuts Gang and Carleton from Fresh Prince. In short, I could have been more deaf than Helen Keller for Vacationer's performance. Kenny Vasoli had that much infectious stage presence. And I was floored by the purity of his voice. For someone who looks like he smokes more weed than Snoop, himself, his voice was velvety and smooth. He just has that perfect pop voice that layers wonderfully over any funky guitar lick or bumping baseline.

Overall, the whole band has a similar sound to Vampire Weekend if Ezra and his band of misfits played surf-rock tunes instead of their usual "play-me-on-the-radio-plz-pLz-PLZ" tracks. They were a little beachy, a little funky and had A LOT of fun on stage. The xylophone was an absolutely amazing addition and, honestly, it's an instrument that more performers should utilize for live performances. It sounds like a robot crying in zero-gravity #weirdbuttrue.

I actually haven't seen a crowd so enthralled throughout an entire set since my mom dragged me to a Jimmy Buffet concert. Besides the occasional snapchat flash*, the crowd was phone-free and fully involved in the performance, singing-along to most of the set. Near the end of their performance, Vasoli even complimented the audience, saying that he was "overwhelmed by great vibes". Fucking ditto, Vacationer. You filled MHOW with great vibes and great music. Not only did you make my night phenomenal, but you made my following morning at work miserable and mundane: the outcome any sublime performer should seek to impose.

*I imagine these flash-photography culprits were using the new snapchat update to make Vacationer vomit rainbows or look 80 years older.... SMH but also my prediction is probably spot-on unfortunately

Micky Blue - Champagne Reign

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I just read an amazing interview with this girl, and her musical journey sounds very depressing. Which was refreshing to read about, because the music industry is mostly filled with very dark stories. I went to a darty filled with music people just yesterday, and literally no one wanted to speak to me because I wasn't wearing Doc Martens. So Micky, I relate to your statement "You're nobody till you know somebody." When we're both friends with Taylor Swift we can stomp all over the people who treated us like garbage. Moving on to the actual content, "Champagne Reign" is a delightful floaty pop track. It represents one of my favorite musical models in existence: the sad song with the happy tune. On the surface, this song is la laaaa cotton candy hook and sugary vocals. Lyrically though, I believe it is about some pretty fucked up shit. Consider the following lyrics: "Trying to find life / dancing on a table / champagne reigns over you" To me, those lyrics embody the girl who is the life of every party, but really she is a huge trainwreck that everyone is secretly worried about. Like, it's all fun and games when you're wing-manning a rando's bachelor party, but when you wake up in a Best Western on the floor the next day, maybe it's time to reevaluate your relationship with boyfriend Dom Perignon. HYPOTHETICALLY.

Transviolet - New Bohemia

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On the Transviolet Facebook page, they have a phone number as their contact info. Guys, what will happen if I call that number!? I was too scared to. I'd like to imagine it's the number for a Dominos. Or maybe a random Indian restaurant. But maybe it's the real band's number. In which case, Transviolet, pick up and let's chat about this delightful slice of pop. We rarely hear indie music that could zoom all the way to the top. Like, as much as I want to recommend Flying Lotus to z100 or Ryan Seacrest, that would be... impractical. "New Bohemia" feels like it could crack top 40-dom. The chorus is MASSIVE. The Facebook page (sorry I did a lot of stalking) also had a very cute write up of the song meaning. I'm butchering it, but I think it was about all supporting each other in our differences, fighting for world peace etc etc. Since we are terrible people at Tunes 4 Loons, I cannot help but throw up a little bit over that stuff, but I appreciate the sentiment. Lyrically, I think there a lot of similarities to Lorde. Since she's doing so terrible, I think Transviolet is on a similar path ;) When you're doing the Hunger Games 7 soundtrack don't forget about the little people!!

Great Good Fine Ok - Take It Or Leave It

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Coming to you from Manhattan bound L train hell. Live alert: I just watched a girl married with a kid run into her high school friends. The snobbery she exhibited over having a family was off the charts. Oh cool bitch, you voluntarily let another human drool on you, we are all dying to be you. But like maybe I'm jealous. Her baby was making me want to poke holes in condoms. I don't know. Things I do know: this song makes me want to dance until I die. Just bop around in the shower. Other people do that right? No? Well you're missing out. "Take It Or Leave It" is the perfect opportunity to try out this activity. Furthermore, there are very few tracks I encounter that make me feel really hopeful and excited. This song is like "interviewing 3rd round for six figure job and also walking in the sunshine" excitement. Just a really pure pop sound. The lyrics rock too. Favorite part: "I could make a living / selling lies lies lies" Sounds like the E True Hollywood Story of Bill Cosby.

EMBRZ - Lights (ft. pennybirdrabbit)

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Greetings. In case you were wondering, we still don't have internet. I successfully went 3 posts without mentioning, but since I am a raging narcissist you are required to know about my sadness. @timewarner can go fuck themselves. FYI, this post is coming to you from a laundromat, the place where poor people hang out on Thursday nights. It's not terrible though, because I have EMBRZ to keep me company (as I sit under florescent lighting, listening to 70s lite FM. Not the good kind, the kind that makes you want to harm yourself). This song however, makes me feel like I am riding a shooting star off into the galaxy. In slow motion. As I pass by all the different planets, cute fuzzy bears wave to me. They also throw soft serve ice cream cones to me, because journeying through space makes a person hungry. Then I clap my hands and I am underwater with Nemo and Dory. Or maybe I'm stoned in my living room chair eating red bell peppers. I couldn't say, because this tune is so captivating it has WARPED MY REALITY. Please keep creating mystical worlds through song EMBRZ!!

ZHU - Automatic (ft. AlunaGeorge)

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Okay this one might be a little insane. But I was ensnared by this collaboration. First off, AlunaGeorge wins my vote at everything. She has never disappointed on a guest appearance, whether it be with Biebs and Skrillex or Disclosure. And she has maybe the coolest and unique voice in indie music. No question to me. As for Zhu, well he is responsible for Faded. It's funny I had prepared this entire rant about how no one knew of his brilliance, but in reality that song was nominated for a Grammy. Lol. I guess I think I'm much more hipster than I am. Example :  "Guys, have you hear of this song Rather Be?? It's like, so unknown." But anyways, together this pair have produced what the world would label a "deep house" track. And while I wouldn't say it's like, being played in the depths of a German discotheque at 4am, "Automatic" could definitely soundtrack a "high end"*** Vegas club commercial. I also love the stoned sax at the end. Saxophone, but slowed down. Stoned sax.

***I say that with air quotes because is there really ANYTHING high end in Vegas?

KELELA - Rewind

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KELELA! You are the ghost of 90s Janet Jackson. I'm so sorry to make that comparison, because every person in the blogosphere did,  but it's true. Your voice is like crushed velvet (the classy kind, not the ugly skater dress kind), and I have never felt so strongly about a track's production before. For real, the background is sublime here. Obviously I can't name any instruments, but the electro percussion happening here is hypnotic. There is also a perfect build. Just when you think "Rewind" can't top itself, it explodes into chorus!! I mean, it's not "drunkenly-screech-in-delight-when-it-comes-on-at-the-club" material, but it is the best chill hang*** track this month. Due to the reason that: 1) it makes me want smoke a tree and 2) the lyrics. Let me explain the latter. If I am interpreting this song correctly (which I always am fucking duh), Kelela is lamenting an interaction had with her crush. She wants to #rewind because she didn't make it clear she wanted the D. Well Kelela, I can respect this, but I have to say, usually I have the opposite issue. I would be lying if I said I had never woken up and thought "maybe throwing myself like a grizzly at the ugly dude circa 3am was a bad idea". True life, I once did a "that Girls episode with Icona Pop" amount of cocaine at a trashy casino nightclub and told a boy I barely knew to "NEVER LEAVE ME." I am proud to say we are still friends tho. Silver lining.

**I came down here to defend my use of this term as ironic, but I think I actually might be serious about the phrase "chill hang". It's so dumb and fun to say. Don't judge me fuckers.

Jojee - Unravel Me

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Wowow this song is sexy. When I hear it I feel sexually empowered, like I could become Toxic era Britney Spears. (Much in the same way that hearing "Where Is My Mind" by Pixies makes me feel like Shaved Head/Umbrella Wielding Britney Spears). Back to the lady at hand, Jojee's voice is so sultry she makes Banks seem like a 65 year old lunch lady (is this the least sexy profession? Please feel free to weigh in). Marian Hill is the other comparison that comes to mind. I can only hope that like Marian Hill, Jojee's music will eventually appear in a Taco Bell commercial^^^. Specifically "Unravel Me." Can you IMAGINE?! I mean, the lyrics are pretty fitting. Consider the following: "You have the key to making me lose my mind / You're like a magnet / You've got the potion to keep me in motion / Don't you stop what you're doing / Cuz you unravel me" Aside from the obvious digestive issue allusions, I would totally support a series of Taco Bell commercials set to sex music. Off the top of my head, I'm thinking   1) Take you Down by Chris Brown,   2) High For This by The Weeknd,  3) Animals by Maroon 5*** How can I make this happen? Oh also Jojee, keep making music, we are obsessed with you.

^^^this is totally true. "Got It" by Marian Hill is in a Taco Bell commercial.

***"But T4L" you may be saying, "No one in the self-respecting universe would ever have sex to Maroon 5!!" And I would say....may you never know such trauma.

EDX - Belong With You

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No internet post #3. Feel my pain America!! Do you hate me yet? Am I more villainous than Donald Trump? It's okay, I hate myself too. "Belong" by EDX will make everything better. I swear it is like auditory molly. I felt 100 times happier within the first 3 seconds of hearing it. It starts off with a slow building groove. Feel it. The finger snaps in the background are so catchy that I chimed in with my own snapping involuntarily. It's like, have you ever watched a movie where the audience starts clapping, and you have to stop yourself when you realize you have joined in like a psychopath? It's like that. Also, whoever EDX got to sing on this has a voice smoother than my 12th grade calculus textbook*** There is delightful house piano, and a standard but acceptable drop. The track is labeled as "radio mix" though, which makes me nervous to hear the original. To me, "radio mix" is code for "non-shitty version." Or at least the version that isn't self-indulgent as fuck. I'm sorry but no song should be longer than 6 minutes. Unless you are Billy Joel and the song is Scenes From An Italian Restaurant. And really that doesn't even count because it's 3 songs in 1. People even hate American Pie and that one rocks!

**because I never opened it , get it.  No internet has definitely made me funnier.

Travis Scott - Antidote

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Travis Scott, I unfortunately know nothing about you (a running theme in the NO INTERNET CHRONICLES) and my dad cut off my phone data.*** But I do have some uninformed, dumb thoughts on this (like always). "Antidote" is a creepy auto-tune anthem. In a good way of course. Mr. Scott's voice is pleasant, and the beat is menacing and "chill hang" worthy. But lyrically, I can't help but think it's the narrative of a bunch of people having a bad acid trip. Take for example, the following lines: "Don't you open up that window / Don't you let out that antidote / ...Don't go through the front door / It's low key at the night show" All I see when I hear that is a group of fucked up people cowering in the corner, thinking if they open the window their purple cloud friend named Tony will fly away. Maybe their sober roommate comes home and they threaten him with a carrot, saying he has let the monster in through the front door. And the monster is like, a bag of Chinese takeout. Although in all fairness that shit is evil. Show me a person who hasn't felt their insides turn on them post MSG binge and I'll show you a fucking liar!!

Some of the other lyrics are equally hilarious. Consider: "Party on a Sunday / Do it all again on Monday / Spend the check on the weekend / Imma do it all again." Okay this isn't funny but it does describe my life. Except that for instead of partying on Monday, I drag myself to work and contemplate that I am one day closer to death. Oh is that too dark for you? No internet will turn your soul black. I am basically Gollum without the ring right now.

***Jk, I wasted 15 MB and read that maybe you make out with Rihanna. Good 4 you.

Elk Road - Not To Worry (ft. Governors)

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When I wrote this post, I had no internet, so sorry if there are no facts about Elk Road, or any information in general about his music. Maybe this is a trauma for you all, but I guarantee you my 3 days without internet was the greatest trauma of all. I am not joking when I say I don't know who I am without the World Wide Web. I have basically been living in 2002 while the rest of you have had Wikipedia capabilities at your finger tips. Want to look up the birth of Katie Holmes? The filmography of Christopher Walken? WELL CONGRATS YOU CAN. I sat on my couch and didn't even know what the weather was like outside!!! There was only one other time this happened to me. I didn't have a computer for 5 days last year, and for entertainment I got stoned and tried to read an Edith Wharton book. Like a dickhead. And in case you were wondering, weed does not make 19th century literature about depressed rich people any less boring. But enough about me......let us discuss this delightful song. "Not To Worry" is a collab between electronic person Elk Road and (Alpine impersonator****) Governors. Together they have made a tune that feels icy and also vaguely danceable. Not sure what that even means, but I want it to imply compliments. I have been haunted by this song for 3 days it is so good. Their partnership sort of reminds me of the Rokysopp -Susanne Sundfor coupling. Foreign, a little wacky, and very entrancing. It's like you can't put your finger on what makes it so good. More please.

***Alpine is a very obscure band that never even cracked Sirius alt radio, but I swear the singer and Governors have matching voices. Please look it up and agree with me.

CHVRCHES- Clearest Blue (aka: A <3 Letter to CHVRCHES)

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CHVRCHES will always hold a spot near and dear to my heart. I mean, they are the first band I remember smh-ing about their superfluous ALLCAPS bandname. Now we have reached the point where we have two whole webpages (explicit and clean) devoted to our hatred of the uppercase phenomenon that plagues so many indie acts nowadays. But, honestly, u could  have named yourselves /\/\0$|-| P!+ and I would still <3 u, CHVRCHES. You're music is that good. I'm craving to see you live more than I'm craving the seamless I just ordered. Aaaaaaand it's been about 45 minutes now so I'm craving it really fucking badly. "Clearest Blue" just fully demonstrates how no one does electronic accompaniment like CHVRCHES. it's so minimal yet at the same time incredibly intricate and influential.  The slow-but-infectious build of the percussion makes me feel as if I am actually capable of running a marathon: an amazing feat considering I get winded just by walking up the slight incline of a handicap ramp. And CHVRCHES always adds a touch of late 80-s European dance music to their tracks which has 4ever been my favorite genre of music... Aka ABBA. <--- sry, just didn't think we mention ABBA enough on this blog (jk. pretty sure we oscillate between name-dropping them and Celine like every other post #srynotsry).

P.S. Lauren Mayberrys perfectly crystalline vocals are not forgotten here! *Her voice is more beautiful than Cinderella's. I imagine she smells like pine needles and she has a voice like sunshine!*

*if u got that bridesmaids reference: DID WE JUST BECOME BEST FRIENDS?!

Hippie Sabotage - Able To See Me (Tali Kouch Flip)

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Hippie Sabotage is the best stage name I've heard in a while. I just love it. Turns out they are two brothers, and they have a really cool website. Visit it. They have a contact section where you can book them for a party, or just send weird creepy messages. I definitely did one of those. Getting back on track, "Able to See Me" is my electronic chipmunk song of the month***. Seeing as this is my favorite genre of song, that's a very high honor. The harder it is to understand the lyrics, the more I love the song. In the first 30 seconds, I am interpreting the words as "the sex between us / (something something)/ standing in front of you with a view" Are these correct?!? The world will never know. Speaking of things I don't know, what the fuck is a "flip." I see this word occasionally used to describe a remix. Why is it not simply called a remix? WHY. I feel like "Flip" implies the song is being played backwards. Imagine if the Beatles had released Revolution as "Revoultion (Paul Is Dead flip). No one would have liked the Beatles anymore that's what.

***in case you don't speak my cracked out language, "electronic chipmunk" is a label I use when Alvin & The Chipmunks could have sang lead vocals on the song. Pitched up vocals ya feel?

LIVE! Review: Say Lou Lou (Bowery Ballroom 9/9/15)

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As a general disclaimer, we should say that we tried and failed to interview Say Lou Lou. I swear their publicist could smell our blatant inadequacy through the internet. But our failure to talk to them is probably for the best, because we would have seemed like gargoyles in their presence. Say Lou Lou was so cool you guys. They were like Serena Van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf, only they made Serena and Blair look like garbage.

First off, we entered Bowery the same way we entered every college party: 40 minutes late and slightly more intoxicated than intended. Not ideal, but even as cross-faded "street youths" we were still better company to keep than the two 30-somethings in front of us. Grinding should never be done in lighting brighter than candlelight and their dancing was so sensual that I'm convinced they were 14-year-old-virgins trapped in the bodies of 32-year-old-sales-executives. But all was well as soon as we realized the warm-up music was Phil Collins "In The Air Tonight." 1 million points to Gryffindor for that song choice. It's probably ironic but I don't care.

The Say Lou Lou twins floated onto the stage as Phil faded out which is, honestly, how every artist should make their grand entrance. They immediately broke into "Everything We Touch," in my opinion, their best song next to "Julian." When that chorus kicked in I practically foamed at the mouth. Mainly because someone bumped into me while I was drinking my warm Bud light but also because I was psyched. Their voices blended together beautifully, and not only was the vibe dancier than I anticipated, but their whole aura was more Swedish than expected as well. I had constantly read Say Lou Lou were half Swedish /half Aussie, and I guess I assumed they were more Steve Irwin than Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Well now we know, they were basically ABBA, right down to their sequined jumper, green-velvet pantsuit, and Swedish-disco beats.

What I was most impressed with was stage presence. Say Lou Lou was so assured on stage. I mean, it can't be that hard if you are hotter than Blake Lively, but still. They had great energy with the crowd and with each other. Their dance moves were cool and synchronized. Either we were witnessing a veryyy polished tour, or some very intuitive twin behavior. It was like I was watching that DCOM movie Double-Teamed except with united, warm harmonies in place of game-winning, synced-up basketball passes #weirdbuttrue.

Overall, Say Lou Lou could be a big deal one day. Their sound is not necessarily fully formed yet, but I think they could explode if they acquire stronger pop material. The highlights were definitely the singles, especially "Fool of Me" and "Nothing but a Heartbeat" and, in comparison, some of the rest of the set jut felt like filler. I think that if they hire whoever writes Katy Perry's music they could easily be playing Terminal 5. And maybe when they (*fingers-crossed*) play there next year we can get an interview! Although, just for my own personal self-esteem, it's probably best that we don't snap a photo together; The twins INCREDIBLY-defined cheekbones would probably only accentuated my INCREDIBLY-prevalent triple chin  #meep -___-.

Miley Cyrus - Slab Of Butter (ft. Sarah Barthel of Phantogram)

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I just read Pitchfork's review of Miley's new off-her-label album and almost threw up at the self-importance I found there. We get it PF, you aren't Team Miley. BUT I AM, so here goes. This song sounds like Tame Impala swallowed Miley. Some people may be offended that I mentioned Tame Impala in the same sentence as the Queen of Twerking, but whatever. Fuck you guys. How can anyone not lol at the line "self control is not something I'm working on." I mean come on that's hilarious. I love her. "Slab of Butter" is psychedelic and I feel like I'm floating around in a lava lamp when I listen to it. It is undeniable that she has a fantastic voice. I could do without the "i'm about to get fucked up" loop at the beginning, but that is a minor complaint. Lastly, hello Sarah from Phantogram. I can't hear your actual voice at all, but your fingerprints are all over this. She must have steered Miley in the right direction, because tbh the rest of the album is pretty shit. Yes I realize I am ultimately agreeing with Pitchfork. DONT WORRY ABOUT IT. Just listen to "Slab of Butter" by itself and groove around.

Francesco Yates- Change The Channel

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First off, we have exception etiquette (somewhat) here at t4L, so we must start this post by saying HBD 2 our favorite Gordo lookalike!! Francesco Yates officially turned 20 yesterday which basically makes me feel as old as that skeleton James Cameron cast in the role of present-day Rose. I suddenly feel the urge to wear orthopedic shoes, play mah-jong, and cry about the eminent aging process. Also, the fact that I wear earplugs to every concert I go to doesn't help my internal-quarter-life-crisis. But, despite my ancient age (23, lol), I still dig this little slice of funk from our Nanook-of-the-North wunderkin. And yes, I did just reference a 1922 documentary. See we're kind of hipster-ish, although the aforementioned earplugs don't really scream tReNdAyYy.

Despite being born in 1995, Francesco manages to capture late-70's funk-rock purrrrrfectly*. From the track's vintage, gr00vy baseline to it's acidic electric guitar licks, everything works together to support Yates' swoon-worthy vocals. "Change the Channel" also allows the birthday boy to flaunt his Prince- / J.T.-like falsetto, but, tbh, if I could hit notes like that, I would rub it in everyone's faces as well. But, alas, when I try to hit the high notes in this song I sound like a Chihuahua who just got her tail stepped on : / ... NAWT aurally amiable to anyone within a 50 yd radius, I assure you.

*The verbal equvalent of the cat-with-heart-eyes emoji—aka the way I express my highest form of admiration