Black Honey- Corrine

9/22/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Ooooo, I didn't know 50's-style rock and 90's-grunge could mesh so well together, but Black Honey pulls it off!! Izzy Phillips' sacchrine voice fronts the track and is layered with some classic-rock-sounding distortion that is very reminiscent our favorite Washington, D.C. warbler, Misun Wojcik. Considering we idolize Misun more than the Jews walking from Egypt idolized that golden heifer**, I think it goes without saying that we dig Phillips' gritty vintage vocals. Muy bueno, chica.

The whole enchanting track sounds like it is being played through a mid-20th-century gramaphone and the chorus so pure and melodic. It makes me so happy that I want to do acid but only for the duration of this song. I feel like it would be an amazing trip and I would hallucinate something joyous like that I was like swimming in a pool of liquified gold or a Shake Shack without a line.

**Mo' def the first Biblical reference on t4L. Aaaaand probably our last  -__-  #sryGod