CHVRCHES- Clearest Blue (aka: A <3 Letter to CHVRCHES)

9/15/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

CHVRCHES will always hold a spot near and dear to my heart. I mean, they are the first band I remember smh-ing about their superfluous ALLCAPS bandname. Now we have reached the point where we have two whole webpages (explicit and clean) devoted to our hatred of the uppercase phenomenon that plagues so many indie acts nowadays. But, honestly, u could  have named yourselves /\/\0$|-| P!+ and I would still <3 u, CHVRCHES. You're music is that good. I'm craving to see you live more than I'm craving the seamless I just ordered. Aaaaaaand it's been about 45 minutes now so I'm craving it really fucking badly. "Clearest Blue" just fully demonstrates how no one does electronic accompaniment like CHVRCHES. it's so minimal yet at the same time incredibly intricate and influential.  The slow-but-infectious build of the percussion makes me feel as if I am actually capable of running a marathon: an amazing feat considering I get winded just by walking up the slight incline of a handicap ramp. And CHVRCHES always adds a touch of late 80-s European dance music to their tracks which has 4ever been my favorite genre of music... Aka ABBA. <--- sry, just didn't think we mention ABBA enough on this blog (jk. pretty sure we oscillate between name-dropping them and Celine like every other post #srynotsry).

P.S. Lauren Mayberrys perfectly crystalline vocals are not forgotten here! *Her voice is more beautiful than Cinderella's. I imagine she smells like pine needles and she has a voice like sunshine!*

*if u got that bridesmaids reference: DID WE JUST BECOME BEST FRIENDS?!