DAGNY- Backbeat

9/25/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

I think I actually might be adopted. Like a mail-order baby from Sweden* or something. Not only do I have fiery, frizzy hair reminiscent of a viking caught in a hurricane, but my affinity for Scandinavian music is absolutely unparalleled. Unfortunately I received neither the amazing bone structure nor the killer vocals that most Nordic ppl inherit (thx a lot, trendy Norwegian birth-parents -__-).

DAGNY, however, is blessed with said vocals (& bone structure #envious), and she shows her pop-star prowess with the release of the lively "Backbeat". The punchy drums and faded electric guitar blend perfectly together and the underlying ballad-style piano slabs round the whole tune out. But WARNING, loons!! Do NOT search the term "DAGNY" on Google Images. That's the first row of results, below, and each one of those photos will haunt my nightmares tonight. Especially that fucking she-devil holding the oboe and glaring into my soul!! Hands down the worst one, even though the chick on the far right straight up has her tits cut off.

*Do they make those???? Cause, if so, brb, going to buy four leetle Nordic babies & create an ABBA cover band like I've always dreamed!!