Death In The Afternoon - We Don't Have To Go Out Tonight

9/28/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Death In The Afternoon, are you the hipster Addams Family? Wednesday rocks the keyboards (which makes perfect sense, Wednesday is too cool to do anything besides stand in the back and act disinterested****), Cousin It plays the ...well he must do something. And that's where my analogy ends, because I've never seen the Addams family and I don't know any other characters. But those other two dudes could definitely be members. Moving on, "We Don't Have To Go Out Tonight" is a fine piece of "chill hang" electro. Another (dumber, less interesting) blog described their sound as yacht rock. Which makes sense, but can I ask 1 question. Why is everything that sounds 80s labeled "yacht"? Am I missing something? I get that Miami Vice aired in the 80s and that featured tropical scenery, perhaps including yachts, but guys, no one except the Wolf of Wall Street lived aboard a fancy schooner during the Reagan years. Your parents didn't. Your grandma didn't. And babies born from 80-89 didn't come into the world on the set of a Rick Ross music video. So like...smh at the phrase "yacht rock." Sorry DITA, I mostly ranted and didn't talk about you, but we love this song!!

***this is not a knock on keyboard players, this is what I have observed at concerts. Literally every person playing keys seems bored AF, and I can't blame them. There's a reason guitars get smashed instead of keyboards. Reason: they are cooler.