EDX - Belong With You

9/15/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

No internet post #3. Feel my pain America!! Do you hate me yet? Am I more villainous than Donald Trump? It's okay, I hate myself too. "Belong" by EDX will make everything better. I swear it is like auditory molly. I felt 100 times happier within the first 3 seconds of hearing it. It starts off with a slow building groove. Feel it. The finger snaps in the background are so catchy that I chimed in with my own snapping involuntarily. It's like, have you ever watched a movie where the audience starts clapping, and you have to stop yourself when you realize you have joined in like a psychopath? It's like that. Also, whoever EDX got to sing on this has a voice smoother than my 12th grade calculus textbook*** There is delightful house piano, and a standard but acceptable drop. The track is labeled as "radio mix" though, which makes me nervous to hear the original. To me, "radio mix" is code for "non-shitty version." Or at least the version that isn't self-indulgent as fuck. I'm sorry but no song should be longer than 6 minutes. Unless you are Billy Joel and the song is Scenes From An Italian Restaurant. And really that doesn't even count because it's 3 songs in 1. People even hate American Pie and that one rocks!

**because I never opened it , get it.  No internet has definitely made me funnier.