Elk Road - Not To Worry (ft. Governors)

9/15/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

When I wrote this post, I had no internet, so sorry if there are no facts about Elk Road, or any information in general about his music. Maybe this is a trauma for you all, but I guarantee you my 3 days without internet was the greatest trauma of all. I am not joking when I say I don't know who I am without the World Wide Web. I have basically been living in 2002 while the rest of you have had Wikipedia capabilities at your finger tips. Want to look up the birth of Katie Holmes? The filmography of Christopher Walken? WELL CONGRATS YOU CAN. I sat on my couch and didn't even know what the weather was like outside!!! There was only one other time this happened to me. I didn't have a computer for 5 days last year, and for entertainment I got stoned and tried to read an Edith Wharton book. Like a dickhead. And in case you were wondering, weed does not make 19th century literature about depressed rich people any less boring. But enough about me......let us discuss this delightful song. "Not To Worry" is a collab between electronic person Elk Road and (Alpine impersonator****) Governors. Together they have made a tune that feels icy and also vaguely danceable. Not sure what that even means, but I want it to imply compliments. I have been haunted by this song for 3 days it is so good. Their partnership sort of reminds me of the Rokysopp -Susanne Sundfor coupling. Foreign, a little wacky, and very entrancing. It's like you can't put your finger on what makes it so good. More please.

***Alpine is a very obscure band that never even cracked Sirius alt radio, but I swear the singer and Governors have matching voices. Please look it up and agree with me.