EMBRZ - Lights (ft. pennybirdrabbit)

9/19/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Greetings. In case you were wondering, we still don't have internet. I successfully went 3 posts without mentioning, but since I am a raging narcissist you are required to know about my sadness. @timewarner can go fuck themselves. FYI, this post is coming to you from a laundromat, the place where poor people hang out on Thursday nights. It's not terrible though, because I have EMBRZ to keep me company (as I sit under florescent lighting, listening to 70s lite FM. Not the good kind, the kind that makes you want to harm yourself). This song however, makes me feel like I am riding a shooting star off into the galaxy. In slow motion. As I pass by all the different planets, cute fuzzy bears wave to me. They also throw soft serve ice cream cones to me, because journeying through space makes a person hungry. Then I clap my hands and I am underwater with Nemo and Dory. Or maybe I'm stoned in my living room chair eating red bell peppers. I couldn't say, because this tune is so captivating it has WARPED MY REALITY. Please keep creating mystical worlds through song EMBRZ!!