Empress Of- How Do You Do It

8/31/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

I labelled this as 'future beach party'. Just seemed right, yah know? "How Do You Do It" is the newest track from Lorely Rodriguez and it's a jam and a half, y'alllll! It's just so fun and synthetic! Like ombre tights!!* I love everything about this track from the first ominous synth hit to the electronic wailings fading out at the end. These denouementic sounds can most accurately be described as what it probably sounds like to listen to a trumpet whilst you are on acid. But I dig mucho! Overall, t4L's really pumped for what is next to come from this NYC lady! Just fingers crossed that she doesn't pull another Elohim**, amiright? Although her one-hit-wonder status is pending, I guess it doesn't really matter if I never hear from this girl again because "How Do You Do It" is a truly such a gem. It sounds like Susanne Sundfør if Susanne Sundfør didn't always sound clinically depressed. Like if our favorite^ Swede started popping a lexapo the size of a walnut every day and journeyed to a tropical island #weirdbuttrue. As confusing as that comparison was, just trust me, Lorely, that is some high^^ praise from t4L; Ms. Sundfør is a crooning, Nordic KWEEEN in our eyes (aka she is Elsa from Frozen).

*did u enjoy that word play with the adjective and noun forms of synthetic?? I did! I liked it so much that I made a sidebar out of it #h8rsgunnah8h8h8h8

**WHAT DA FUQ WAS "XANAX", HOMEGIRL?? "She Talks Too Much" had so so SO much promise and then Xanax is like an iPhone4 photo: distorted and not as good as you expected.

^maybe that's an overstatement. ABBA is also Scadanavian and they have both the amazing sound and the juicy drama. Call me when u sleep with ur guitarist's evil twin bro or something, Susanne, and we'll talk...

^^again, wordplay ; ) . I fucking love it. Or I'm just too stoned -___-