Francesco Yates- Change The Channel

9/02/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

First off, we have exception etiquette (somewhat) here at t4L, so we must start this post by saying HBD 2 our favorite Gordo lookalike!! Francesco Yates officially turned 20 yesterday which basically makes me feel as old as that skeleton James Cameron cast in the role of present-day Rose. I suddenly feel the urge to wear orthopedic shoes, play mah-jong, and cry about the eminent aging process. Also, the fact that I wear earplugs to every concert I go to doesn't help my internal-quarter-life-crisis. But, despite my ancient age (23, lol), I still dig this little slice of funk from our Nanook-of-the-North wunderkin. And yes, I did just reference a 1922 documentary. See we're kind of hipster-ish, although the aforementioned earplugs don't really scream tReNdAyYy.

Despite being born in 1995, Francesco manages to capture late-70's funk-rock purrrrrfectly*. From the track's vintage, gr00vy baseline to it's acidic electric guitar licks, everything works together to support Yates' swoon-worthy vocals. "Change the Channel" also allows the birthday boy to flaunt his Prince- / J.T.-like falsetto, but, tbh, if I could hit notes like that, I would rub it in everyone's faces as well. But, alas, when I try to hit the high notes in this song I sound like a Chihuahua who just got her tail stepped on : / ... NAWT aurally amiable to anyone within a 50 yd radius, I assure you.

*The verbal equvalent of the cat-with-heart-eyes emoji—aka the way I express my highest form of admiration