Great Good Fine Ok - Take It Or Leave It

9/20/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Coming to you from Manhattan bound L train hell. Live alert: I just watched a girl married with a kid run into her high school friends. The snobbery she exhibited over having a family was off the charts. Oh cool bitch, you voluntarily let another human drool on you, we are all dying to be you. But like maybe I'm jealous. Her baby was making me want to poke holes in condoms. I don't know. Things I do know: this song makes me want to dance until I die. Just bop around in the shower. Other people do that right? No? Well you're missing out. "Take It Or Leave It" is the perfect opportunity to try out this activity. Furthermore, there are very few tracks I encounter that make me feel really hopeful and excited. This song is like "interviewing 3rd round for six figure job and also walking in the sunshine" excitement. Just a really pure pop sound. The lyrics rock too. Favorite part: "I could make a living / selling lies lies lies" Sounds like the E True Hollywood Story of Bill Cosby.