Hippie Sabotage - Able To See Me (Tali Kouch Flip)

9/12/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Hippie Sabotage is the best stage name I've heard in a while. I just love it. Turns out they are two brothers, and they have a really cool website. Visit it. They have a contact section where you can book them for a party, or just send weird creepy messages. I definitely did one of those. Getting back on track, "Able to See Me" is my electronic chipmunk song of the month***. Seeing as this is my favorite genre of song, that's a very high honor. The harder it is to understand the lyrics, the more I love the song. In the first 30 seconds, I am interpreting the words as "the sex between us / (something something)/ standing in front of you with a view" Are these correct?!? The world will never know. Speaking of things I don't know, what the fuck is a "flip." I see this word occasionally used to describe a remix. Why is it not simply called a remix? WHY. I feel like "Flip" implies the song is being played backwards. Imagine if the Beatles had released Revolution as "Revoultion (Paul Is Dead flip). No one would have liked the Beatles anymore that's what.

***in case you don't speak my cracked out language, "electronic chipmunk" is a label I use when Alvin & The Chipmunks could have sang lead vocals on the song. Pitched up vocals ya feel?