Jojee - Unravel Me

9/17/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Wowow this song is sexy. When I hear it I feel sexually empowered, like I could become Toxic era Britney Spears. (Much in the same way that hearing "Where Is My Mind" by Pixies makes me feel like Shaved Head/Umbrella Wielding Britney Spears). Back to the lady at hand, Jojee's voice is so sultry she makes Banks seem like a 65 year old lunch lady (is this the least sexy profession? Please feel free to weigh in). Marian Hill is the other comparison that comes to mind. I can only hope that like Marian Hill, Jojee's music will eventually appear in a Taco Bell commercial^^^. Specifically "Unravel Me." Can you IMAGINE?! I mean, the lyrics are pretty fitting. Consider the following: "You have the key to making me lose my mind / You're like a magnet / You've got the potion to keep me in motion / Don't you stop what you're doing / Cuz you unravel me" Aside from the obvious digestive issue allusions, I would totally support a series of Taco Bell commercials set to sex music. Off the top of my head, I'm thinking   1) Take you Down by Chris Brown,   2) High For This by The Weeknd,  3) Animals by Maroon 5*** How can I make this happen? Oh also Jojee, keep making music, we are obsessed with you.

^^^this is totally true. "Got It" by Marian Hill is in a Taco Bell commercial.

***"But T4L" you may be saying, "No one in the self-respecting universe would ever have sex to Maroon 5!!" And I would say....may you never know such trauma.