KELELA - Rewind

9/17/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

KELELA! You are the ghost of 90s Janet Jackson. I'm so sorry to make that comparison, because every person in the blogosphere did,  but it's true. Your voice is like crushed velvet (the classy kind, not the ugly skater dress kind), and I have never felt so strongly about a track's production before. For real, the background is sublime here. Obviously I can't name any instruments, but the electro percussion happening here is hypnotic. There is also a perfect build. Just when you think "Rewind" can't top itself, it explodes into chorus!! I mean, it's not "drunkenly-screech-in-delight-when-it-comes-on-at-the-club" material, but it is the best chill hang*** track this month. Due to the reason that: 1) it makes me want smoke a tree and 2) the lyrics. Let me explain the latter. If I am interpreting this song correctly (which I always am fucking duh), Kelela is lamenting an interaction had with her crush. She wants to #rewind because she didn't make it clear she wanted the D. Well Kelela, I can respect this, but I have to say, usually I have the opposite issue. I would be lying if I said I had never woken up and thought "maybe throwing myself like a grizzly at the ugly dude circa 3am was a bad idea". True life, I once did a "that Girls episode with Icona Pop" amount of cocaine at a trashy casino nightclub and told a boy I barely knew to "NEVER LEAVE ME." I am proud to say we are still friends tho. Silver lining.

**I came down here to defend my use of this term as ironic, but I think I actually might be serious about the phrase "chill hang". It's so dumb and fun to say. Don't judge me fuckers.