LIVE! Review: Say Lou Lou (Bowery Ballroom 9/9/15)

9/10/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

As a general disclaimer, we should say that we tried and failed to interview Say Lou Lou. I swear their publicist could smell our blatant inadequacy through the internet. But our failure to talk to them is probably for the best, because we would have seemed like gargoyles in their presence. Say Lou Lou was so cool you guys. They were like Serena Van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf, only they made Serena and Blair look like garbage.

First off, we entered Bowery the same way we entered every college party: 40 minutes late and slightly more intoxicated than intended. Not ideal, but even as cross-faded "street youths" we were still better company to keep than the two 30-somethings in front of us. Grinding should never be done in lighting brighter than candlelight and their dancing was so sensual that I'm convinced they were 14-year-old-virgins trapped in the bodies of 32-year-old-sales-executives. But all was well as soon as we realized the warm-up music was Phil Collins "In The Air Tonight." 1 million points to Gryffindor for that song choice. It's probably ironic but I don't care.

The Say Lou Lou twins floated onto the stage as Phil faded out which is, honestly, how every artist should make their grand entrance. They immediately broke into "Everything We Touch," in my opinion, their best song next to "Julian." When that chorus kicked in I practically foamed at the mouth. Mainly because someone bumped into me while I was drinking my warm Bud light but also because I was psyched. Their voices blended together beautifully, and not only was the vibe dancier than I anticipated, but their whole aura was more Swedish than expected as well. I had constantly read Say Lou Lou were half Swedish /half Aussie, and I guess I assumed they were more Steve Irwin than Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Well now we know, they were basically ABBA, right down to their sequined jumper, green-velvet pantsuit, and Swedish-disco beats.

What I was most impressed with was stage presence. Say Lou Lou was so assured on stage. I mean, it can't be that hard if you are hotter than Blake Lively, but still. They had great energy with the crowd and with each other. Their dance moves were cool and synchronized. Either we were witnessing a veryyy polished tour, or some very intuitive twin behavior. It was like I was watching that DCOM movie Double-Teamed except with united, warm harmonies in place of game-winning, synced-up basketball passes #weirdbuttrue.

Overall, Say Lou Lou could be a big deal one day. Their sound is not necessarily fully formed yet, but I think they could explode if they acquire stronger pop material. The highlights were definitely the singles, especially "Fool of Me" and "Nothing but a Heartbeat" and, in comparison, some of the rest of the set jut felt like filler. I think that if they hire whoever writes Katy Perry's music they could easily be playing Terminal 5. And maybe when they (*fingers-crossed*) play there next year we can get an interview! Although, just for my own personal self-esteem, it's probably best that we don't snap a photo together; The twins INCREDIBLY-defined cheekbones would probably only accentuated my INCREDIBLY-prevalent triple chin  #meep -___-.