Lost Kings- Bad (ft. Jessame)

9/23/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

WoOoOaAaHhh. I didn't think there could be a track entitled "Bad" that was as groovy and funky-FABULOUS as the MJ original, but the Lost Kings come close with this!! It makes me want to flail around on that humongous AF floor-piano from "Big". Everything here works from the vintage guitar licks to the blaring horns and idk who da fuq this Jessame person is but after hearing this I want to have his babies. His vocals are as swoon-worthy as Cillian Murphy is in "Peaky Blinders" (if u watch it and have a sex drive, u know there is no higher compliment I can bestow than this). All around A+ first tune from these boys. Sure the phrase "Lost Kings" makes me think of frankincense and myrrh but it's better than what the cover art makes me reminisce about. When I think of a "female Batman figure" my only pop culture reference point is Anne Hathaway as Cat Woman in The Dark Knight and HOW DARE ANYONE MAKE ME THINK OF HER!!! She's the fucking worst. Just completely uncharming and awkward since 2008.