Miley Cyrus - Slab Of Butter (ft. Sarah Barthel of Phantogram)

9/04/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

I just read Pitchfork's review of Miley's new off-her-label album and almost threw up at the self-importance I found there. We get it PF, you aren't Team Miley. BUT I AM, so here goes. This song sounds like Tame Impala swallowed Miley. Some people may be offended that I mentioned Tame Impala in the same sentence as the Queen of Twerking, but whatever. Fuck you guys. How can anyone not lol at the line "self control is not something I'm working on." I mean come on that's hilarious. I love her. "Slab of Butter" is psychedelic and I feel like I'm floating around in a lava lamp when I listen to it. It is undeniable that she has a fantastic voice. I could do without the "i'm about to get fucked up" loop at the beginning, but that is a minor complaint. Lastly, hello Sarah from Phantogram. I can't hear your actual voice at all, but your fingerprints are all over this. She must have steered Miley in the right direction, because tbh the rest of the album is pretty shit. Yes I realize I am ultimately agreeing with Pitchfork. DONT WORRY ABOUT IT. Just listen to "Slab of Butter" by itself and groove around.