*RELEASE* RKCB - Daydreaming

8/30/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Sometimes, the title of a song exactly matches how it sounds. Consider J-Kwon's "Tipsy." When that song came out I was like 11, and I still felt like a blacked out sorority bitch when that played. Adele's "Tired" is another one. When I hear her exhausted & sad wail I feel like I swallowed a bottle of Ambien. "Daydreaming," the delightful new track from LA's RKCB, definitely lives up to it's name. Who isn't carried away on a cloud of spaced out bliss when they hear this?! NO ONE THAT'S WHO. The synths are smooth, the vocals are smoother. This is the music James Blake would make if he wasn't afraid of being commercial. I mean that with the highest compliments. It's easy to be artsy, it's harder to produce something people want to listen to on repeat. That's my fancy way of saying I respect Miley Cyrus over Tom Waits.*** Anyways, the point is: "Daydreaming" is a prime slice of ambiance, and everyone should listen to it. Warning though: you could come out of a blackout at the conclusion of this song believing you are sailing around the Mediterranean, only to find you are sitting in a cubicle with cold Hale & Hearty soup on your keyboard. Hypothetically.

***BOOM, did smoke come out of anyone's ears over that!? I will admit this is maybe too controversial a statement. Tom Waits is like the ultimate hipster deity. But guys, I don't get it. He sounds like he swallowed Drain-O and eats acid with his Cheerios.