Sia- Alive

9/26/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

I simultaneous love and HATE that Adele rejected this track for her upcoming album. On the one hand it means that, one, Sia gets to show off her underrated pipes and, two, that every track on "25" is better than this (which mean the agonizing 4-year long wait for England's rightful KWEEN will be fucking worth it). But, on the other hand, I have more adoration for Adele that I probably will for my first-born child and I would love LoVe LOVE to hear her front this. But the up-lifting, powerhouse drums, hint of sentimental strings, and commanding lyrics all come together in a great pop tune, so who da fuq cares who the lead is anyways?? Although, thank GAWWD Rihanna passed on this too. I would rather see Sia experiment with her vocal-prowess on this track than have the song in Rihanna possession. Homegirl would probably get too stoned and forget it even exists.

P.S. I also lol'd SO hard to the YouTube comments to this video. Truly half the internet thinks the Cruella de Vil character in the album art was Jimmy Fallon. Honestly, would put it past him. But also that would truly be the weirdest and most random thing to happen since Anne Hathaway took over the E! Online instagram (oh, p.p.s.: the comments on this are also fucking hilarious).