SKIES - Too Young

9/21/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Sorry to SKIES for not including a pic of their cute indie faces, but I was digging the Van Gogh vibes too much. Seriously, you guys could look like the hipster Hemsworth brothers and I would still choose the Starry Night recreation. Because it's beautiful!! But mostly because it reminds me of the time I went to Amsterdam; where I walked through the Van Gogh museum and also thought a parking meter was an ATM. This tbt of idiocy still makes me laugh and feel better on this terrible Monday. Although this song is a little sad, so it feels appropriate for the first day of the week. The vocal delivery is semi-mumbled so I cannot be sure, but it sounds like the lead singer is trying to save someone from drowning. Perhaps he was a lifeguard on the Aussie beaches as a teenager? Consider the lyrics: "I wanna fill your lungs / and breathe the life back into you / You're far too young" SHARK ATTACK I KNEW IT. Ugh I'm sorry. This direction is so stupid. Joke joke blah blah. I'm overcompensating because this song makes me feel emotions I'm not comfortable having! I love that at the end of the "fill your lungsss" phrase they push the note up. It makes the song better I think. Keep doing you boys, even if this isn't about a shark attack.