Skylar Spence - I Can't Be Your Superman

9/27/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

It took me 1.5 hours to write this post because I got lost in the black hole of Skylar Spence's twitter. Yes, this man can sing, and we will talk about that. But he's also fucking very funny. My top 4 picks are at the bottom. If you are too lazy to look at those, take away this: He repeatedly tweets Sam Smith lyrics with cry face emogis. Will you date me? Unless your devotion to "Stay With Me" is truly genuine, in which case, get away from me. Anywayss, "I Can't Be Your Superman" is a delightful piece of electro-funk. Skylar was probably inspired by some crackhead mess he dated, but to me, this song is like Caitlin Jenner's anthem to the Kardashian clan. Caitlin doesn't have time to polish your selfie sticks Kylie!! She's out prowling for her own Superman!! I also appreciate the use of guitar on this track. It makes me feel bad-ass, and also like I have taste for music outside dumb girl pop. (I mostly don't. Who are the Beatles?)

SKYLAR SPENCE'S AMAZING TWEETS (disclaimer: I selected these while I was high)

"another day you woke up and, surprise! you're not a professional ice skater and you never won any gold medals."

"When you think you're the 1st Panic at the Disco album but you're really the 2nd"

"Jessie J follows Justin Timberlake but he doesn't follow her back"

"I made a website where I review your facebook statuses. They're all pretty bad so I gave them bad scores"