The Knocks (& Matthew Koma)- I Wish (My Taylor Swift)

9/24/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

YAAAASSS! i LOVE songs like these!! I'm a sucker for an irrational optimist expressing their dreams of grandeur (aka music). The whole tune reminds me of 2014's "Kanye". And just like I imagine Jay-Z in the bathtub sobbing the words to The Chainsmokers' banger, I can most definitely see Harry Styles nomming on some Chunky Monkey in the fetal position and wailing the Knock's most recent release: reminiscing about the enduring love (and endless business opportunities) he had when he was with Queen Tay. If he had stuck with her, maybe she could have talked Zayn into staying with 1D ; (

Back to the jam at hand, I'm really digging the juxtaposition of the laid-back guitar in the verse and the chorus' staccatic synth. The whole track only proves that "The Knocks" are above most of those other NYC electronic duos out there today (a hard feat when there are enough NYC-based musicians out there RN to form their own fully-functioning sovereign state). From the release of their infectious tune, "Classic," to pulling Catey Shaw* on stage with them at the SoundCloud event last Thursday, these boys are definitely making all the right choices for their budding careers. Honestly, I could have used their precise decision-making skills back in college. Then maybe I would have graduated with more than just useless degree in "Classical Languages" and an acute drinking problem -___-.

*yes that is a plug for the only artist I know personally. Life's about nepotism, ppl #dealwithit. I mean, without it I'm pretty sure Kate Hudson's acting career would be non-existent and where would we be with out cinematic masterpieces like "Almost Famous" and "How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days"!?! <--- if you think I was being ironic there, you are sadly mistaken. I still run around the streets of NYC screaming "Ladies of New York! Frrrrrost Yourselves" every time I'm hammered #srynotsry.