Transviolet - New Bohemia

9/20/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

On the Transviolet Facebook page, they have a phone number as their contact info. Guys, what will happen if I call that number!? I was too scared to. I'd like to imagine it's the number for a Dominos. Or maybe a random Indian restaurant. But maybe it's the real band's number. In which case, Transviolet, pick up and let's chat about this delightful slice of pop. We rarely hear indie music that could zoom all the way to the top. Like, as much as I want to recommend Flying Lotus to z100 or Ryan Seacrest, that would be... impractical. "New Bohemia" feels like it could crack top 40-dom. The chorus is MASSIVE. The Facebook page (sorry I did a lot of stalking) also had a very cute write up of the song meaning. I'm butchering it, but I think it was about all supporting each other in our differences, fighting for world peace etc etc. Since we are terrible people at Tunes 4 Loons, I cannot help but throw up a little bit over that stuff, but I appreciate the sentiment. Lyrically, I think there a lot of similarities to Lorde. Since she's doing so terrible, I think Transviolet is on a similar path ;) When you're doing the Hunger Games 7 soundtrack don't forget about the little people!!