Travis Scott - Antidote

9/15/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Travis Scott, I unfortunately know nothing about you (a running theme in the NO INTERNET CHRONICLES) and my dad cut off my phone data.*** But I do have some uninformed, dumb thoughts on this (like always). "Antidote" is a creepy auto-tune anthem. In a good way of course. Mr. Scott's voice is pleasant, and the beat is menacing and "chill hang" worthy. But lyrically, I can't help but think it's the narrative of a bunch of people having a bad acid trip. Take for example, the following lines: "Don't you open up that window / Don't you let out that antidote / ...Don't go through the front door / It's low key at the night show" All I see when I hear that is a group of fucked up people cowering in the corner, thinking if they open the window their purple cloud friend named Tony will fly away. Maybe their sober roommate comes home and they threaten him with a carrot, saying he has let the monster in through the front door. And the monster is like, a bag of Chinese takeout. Although in all fairness that shit is evil. Show me a person who hasn't felt their insides turn on them post MSG binge and I'll show you a fucking liar!!

Some of the other lyrics are equally hilarious. Consider: "Party on a Sunday / Do it all again on Monday / Spend the check on the weekend / Imma do it all again." Okay this isn't funny but it does describe my life. Except that for instead of partying on Monday, I drag myself to work and contemplate that I am one day closer to death. Oh is that too dark for you? No internet will turn your soul black. I am basically Gollum without the ring right now.

***Jk, I wasted 15 MB and read that maybe you make out with Rihanna. Good 4 you.