Two Friends & INTSTRUM- Trap King (Fetty Wap feat. Adriana Gomez)

9/22/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Fucking DUH I'm posting this!! Trap Queen is like the 3rd most-addicting meth-related craze EVER, trailing right behind "Breaking Bad" and, well, meth. Two Friends and INSTRUM production styles fuse together seamlessly under Adriana Gomez's sultry cover of the Fetty Wap infectious original jam. Also, lollllll, Google definitely thought I was a retarded bigot when I searched the phrase "Adriana Gomez". First off it makes it seem that I'm too much of a racist to recognize that the two Latina-popstars, Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez, are different fucking people. Oh, AND, two, it seems as though I'm too much of a retard to know that it's "Ariana" not "Adriana". Unfortunately, there probably is some obese, camo-clad dad in Arkansas who has looked up the term "Adriana Gomez Hips Don't Lie stream online" before*.

My one complaint with this whole track is that the "Trap King"'s album art literally looks like Viceroy vomited onto a canvas. Since when did all cover art become neon colors and palm trees instead of, idk, like actual photos of the artist?!? How am I supposed to judge u fully if I can't even see what you look like??? But, the George-Byrne-on-Molly cover art aside, the warm, tropical synth and soulful saxophone in the track has me grooving like Kenny G before the hip replacement surgery. And I really support the feminist stance this song is taking. It is widely-speculated that in the original version, Fetty Wap takes the roll of the drug-kingpin with his "Trap Queen" supporting his work and looking hot in her NBA jersey and apple bottom jeans (or wutever Trap Queens wear). But LADIES! This isn't 1940 anymore! We don't need a man to make our crystal meth and crackcoccaine**! We are strong, independent females and we are capable of building a drug empire by ourselves, with our Trap Kings merely lying around while we conduct our important biz. Women's equality shouldn't just be something we strive for in the legal sector of business. Feminism iz 4 everyone so I say more woman drug-lords and pimps PRONTO, whose with me?!

*Or maybe this scenario is not so unfortunate after all. The idea of a middle-aged hick looking up Hips Don't Lie to jam out to between White Supremacy meetings is pretty funny.

**said like Schmidt in New Girl #leDUH