ZHU - Automatic (ft. AlunaGeorge)

9/18/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Okay this one might be a little insane. But I was ensnared by this collaboration. First off, AlunaGeorge wins my vote at everything. She has never disappointed on a guest appearance, whether it be with Biebs and Skrillex or Disclosure. And she has maybe the coolest and unique voice in indie music. No question to me. As for Zhu, well he is responsible for Faded. It's funny I had prepared this entire rant about how no one knew of his brilliance, but in reality that song was nominated for a Grammy. Lol. I guess I think I'm much more hipster than I am. Example :  "Guys, have you hear of this song Rather Be?? It's like, so unknown." But anyways, together this pair have produced what the world would label a "deep house" track. And while I wouldn't say it's like, being played in the depths of a German discotheque at 4am, "Automatic" could definitely soundtrack a "high end"*** Vegas club commercial. I also love the stoned sax at the end. Saxophone, but slowed down. Stoned sax.

***I say that with air quotes because is there really ANYTHING high end in Vegas?