Anna Of The North - The Dreamer

10/12/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Anna of the North, I need some details. Are you Anna of Winterfell? Or Anna of Beyond the Wall? Thus concludes my Game of Thrones jokes, because that's probably a tired reference for all of you, and also because I don't know any more locations in GOT.*** In reality, Anna of the North is probably from Toronto. Or New Jersey. But regardless of her actual homeland (Oslo), "The Dreamer" is a great tune. I am no stranger to weepy girl anthems, but I can tell you this one is special. Maybe it's a combination of the stage name and the lyrics, but I feel transported when I hear this. To nowhere in particular, just like..nature. There's some mist and maybe sheep. And a beach. And Jon Snow. Ok I'm in Game of Thrones I admit it!! But for real, I'm digging the ambiance provided here. The production is kind of Coldplay tinged, but with stronger percussion. The vocals are floaty. Basically, for a song whose only lyrics are "it's not about you anymore" (which is what the Kardashians anonymously email to Paris Hilton every night), it's a very strong single. More please.