Beach Baby - Limousine

10/11/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

London-based Beach Baby is doing great work for multiple communities with the release of new track "Limousine." For starters, they are giving good face to the surfer-rock genre. Many more times than not, young hipsters everywhere think the key to a successful surfer-rock band is fuzzy reverb and a Instagram-filtered music video. This is false. You think Brian Wilson did that shit?! No he did not, he sat in his bedroom crafting beautiful harmonies until he literally went insane. While I hope Beach Baby are not driving themselves schitzo creating new tunes, I must applaud them on the presence of legitimate hooks. This is a very catchy piece of pop, and restores my faith in the surfer-rock genre. Secondly, Beach Baby is doing great things for the spelling community. Tell me universe, do any of you know how to spell "LIMOUSINE."? I certainly did not. To be honest, I forgot that "limo" had more letters attached to it formally. But reviewing this song has forced me to confront my inability to spell LIMOUSINE. Now all I need are songs entitled "license," "rhythm," and "pharaoh" Or just like, the internet and spell check. IT'S NOT IMPORTANT.