Caius - Make U Mine

9/30/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Poor Caius. How was the young Swede to know his DJ name was the same as a rando vampire in Twilight? It's not your fault sir. I didn't know this either until I googled your name and was confronted by hundreds of images of what I can only describe as the love child of Taylor Swift and Dracula.

You're welcome. Moving on to the more important Caius, let us discuss "Make U Mine," a prime slice of chipmunk electronic. No lie, there is no sweeter pairing in the universe than 90s girl-R&B (Ashanti's "Feel So Good" is sampled) & chilled out electro. It's like the Anna Faris and Chris Pratt of musical unions. I saw the words "Swedish producer" and "Ashanti" and practically started foaming at the mouth. Additionally, I just want to point out how mellow and calm "Make U Mine" is. This makes the Majestic Casual playlist seem like frat boy rage music. I wish this song embodied my personality. Instead, my sonic doppelganger is Crazy by Gnarls Barkley. Ughhh. Rock on Caius.