Fickle Friends- Say No More

10/14/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Fickle Friends is like the "Stefon-reccommended-club" of the indie-band world. Aka, this band has EVERYTHING: A girl whose way cooler than you on vocals. A fella with a beanie. A dude with a man-bun (ushnisha if yah nasty a Japanese traditionalist.) PLUS they have a hot ginger guy, which I'm pretty sure is an endangered species on this planet! Fickle Friends even has a member I forget to mention! I'm sorry I've basically assigned you to be the "Chris Kirkpatrick" figure of Fickle Friends, man 2nd from the right, but if I learned anything from watching America's Next Top Model when I was in middle school, it's that giving a profile shot will never please the crowd -___-.

To the song at hand (sry I have the attention span of a fruit fly), "Say No More" is a vibrant little slice of indie-pop heaven. Not gonna lie, when I heard the slight twang of the guitar in the intro, I thought this was gonna be some terrible synthed-up version of "Life is a Highway". Luckily, the similarities between the two songs end as soon as Natti Shiners' saccharine vocals make their first appearance. The track manages to capture that quintessential '80s sound while still seeming current and progressive. Ten points to Gryffindor for accomplishing such a feat, y'allllll!! And another FIFTY points for ur #onfleek group-posing skills. Every single photo of you guys on Google Images has attitude for dayyyyys, I wanna join in! I haven't so strongly yearned to be a part of a squad since Taylor released her "Bad Blood" music video, and that's about the highest compliment a group of people can receive.