Grimes - Flesh Without Blood / Life In The Vivid Dream

10/28/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

The wait is over. Grimes' new music is here, and it's... COMMERCIAL. Chillax hipsters. You're not about to hear your 9 year old cousin yelling the words at a bar mitzvah. But it's definitely shedding the haunted baby vibes, and embracing the Sirius alt-pop ones. Honestly, I'm just glad that she stopped freaking out and went for it. I can imagine this girl agonized between recording properly enunciated pop music or sampling Japanese grasshoppers for an entire album. Thank god money-loving Grimes won, because the first 2 songs off "Art Angels" are amazing. Like, "1.2 Million Youtube views in 2 days" amazing. "Flesh Without Blood" is the single. Upbeat with depressing lyrics. It may sound like the Sour Patch Kids formed a band, but if you pay attention you might be bummed out. Take the following:  "I don't see the light I saw in you before / And now I don't care anymore / Baby believe me / If you had a chance / You'd destroy everything you love" ....Hello #darkness my old friend. Grimes, fuck whoever made you sad, because he's prob going to make you Adele(ish) wealthy.

PS. Everyone who's mourning the "old" Grimes, shut the fuck up and watch the music video. Our beautiful fairy struts around in Marie Antoinette gear on a basketball court and gets covered in blood. Can Britney do that? I DIDN'T THINK SO.