GRRL PAL- Suggest

10/24/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

I get weird vibes from this track. And by "weird vibes" I mean that I think it sounds like an Imogen Heap slow-burn cover of Mark Cherry's "Getaway" (aka that obscure, satirical pop song from Arrested Development season 4). Yeah, ppl. When I said "weird vibes" I seriously meant odd AF. Sry, I'm weirder than a sexually-frustrated Nick and Jess, but I think my observation is accurate nonetheless:

"Suggest" is GRRL PAL's latest and it's a little slice of swirly, dream-pop heaven. Jay Le Kat's wispy vocals float weightlessly over the synergy of Danny K's production work. The synth is warped and muted but in like a semi-psycedelic way. Like I feel like this song would be part of the soundtrack to a Tim Burton movie if Tim Burton ever decided to take a stab at making a John-Hughes-styled rom-com.  Again, weird thought, but what kind of commentary did you expect from a blog named Tunes4Loons, really?