Kill J- You're Good But I'm Better

10/12/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Somewhere out there, Janet Jackson is pounding a bottle of sparkling rosé and literally kicking herself for not fronting this track herself. I say "literally kicking herself" because her dances skills are INSANE and she most definitely is flexible enough to pull of such a feat. The slinky R&B production quality here would work seamlessly with Jackson's tender yet poppy vocals. But yah snooze, yah lose Janet, and all my praise and love goes to Kill J instead #srynotsry.  The whole track is a beautiful showcase of the Denmark-native's vocal control, range and versatility. This combined with all those quirky, progressive production choices throughout have me grooving. HARD. Not to mention that the track falls under my favorite category of music: bitter pop. I don't think the females of our society will ever get tired of hearing a woman wail about how she finally realize what a huge DICK her boyfriend was to her. We will just continually change what hashtag I will use to show our support. It used to be #preeeeeach,  now it's progressed to #YAAASS and in the future I can only predict/ hope it will be something poetic and prolific like #pizzaequalsBAE.