Kygo & Ella Henderson - Wildest Dreams (Taylor Swift Cover)

10/05/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Well, the tears of happiness I cried when I heard this can probably speak better than my dumb words can. To paraphrase every Buzzfeed "article" in existence, this cover is...EVERYTHING. I'm serious guys. Run do not walk, and play this on repeat forever. Firstly, Ella Henderson has more soul in her gel manicure than Taylor Swift does in her entire body. I know this because a) her voice sounds one million times better and b) Taylor Swift did not climb her way to the top by being full of soul. She clawed her way there by being dead inside!!! Secondly, the scaled back approach to covering this song is a smart move. It lets Ella's perfect voice dominate and also adds an additional layer of melancholy. I feel like I'm mourning the loss of my Notebook lover when I hear this, and the truth is I've never even loved a dog.*** Also KYGO is here. When I saw his name in the title I admit I was expecting the full tropical house treatment. The fact that instead he brought Birdy-esque piano makes me love him even more. Truly a great pairing. God bless BBC Live Lounge. Except for the time you allowed Katy Perry to cover Niggas in Paris. For this I can never forgive you.

***jk, my dog was perfect and I loved her as much as drunk girls love selfies and crying. Humans are the worst though, and I would gladly trade most of them for a lifetime Netflix subscription. And that's cheap as fuck so you know I'm not messing around.