LIVE! Review: CMJ 2015- AQUILO (Good Room 10/14)

10/20/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

I'm sorry this is so delayed, I just exited a blackout that began last Thursday. But now my mind is awake, and so I can shout from the rooftops how amazing AQUILO was at Good Room last Wednesday night. You may have heard of these British youngsters from their 2014 track "You There." I know about it because of a bizarre Unilever commercial about saving the rain forests. But Youtube comments informed me that most know that song from "So You Think You Can Dance." I always knew broadcast Tv was good for something. Anyways, they played that one and a few others to a very hip (excluding us) crowd with a really good response. My rambling thoughts are below:

Aquilo takes the stage in the standard hipster uniforms, aka they are dressed to blend into darkness. My immediate thought is that the music sounds a lot more dynamic live. It's a little depressed on record, but here, it is alive like Lamar. I'm mostly attributing this to the fact there are layered vocals, which are not as detectable when you listen on Soundcloud. The harmonies are magical and bone chilling, especially on "Human" and "Better Off Without You." I swear to God the keyboardist is capable of Mariah Carey falsetto. Or at least Bee Gee level. The newer stuff I hadn't heard was more commercial, which obviously I was drooling over. Slightly dancey, a little disco. Single...ish. Does Aquilo love those tracks as much as their record label!? I hope so, because I think that could be an interesting direction for these lads (I pretend I'm British in my free time k) to head in. ALSO THEY WERE SO CUTE. bye.